Vegetarian Teen ‘Unplugs Freezer Full Of Meat To Make Family Switch To Plant-Based Diet’

Credit: Ted Major via Flickr & Pexels

A vegetarian teenager allegedly unplugged his family’s freezer full of meat as he wanted them to all switch to a plant-based diet. 

The 15-year-old went meat-free six months ago but had never expressed an issue with his father’s hunting before unplugging the fridge.

The teen’s dad has now taken to Reddit and asked whether or not he’s being an ‘a**hole’ for making him clean up all the damage and rotting food.

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The dad explained that he goes hunting for ‘economic reasons’. Credit: Pexel

He wrote: “The bulk of the meat is kept in a large freezer in the garage and about once a week we pull out what we will need for the next week or so. This means the freezer is normally only opened about once a week.

“We started making meatless meals twice a week and made sure every other dinner was such that the meat was separate from everything else so he could still eat with us.

“This has been working great for the last six months with no complaints.”

The bloke continued: “However, last week when I pulled the meat for the week out of our freezer in the garage he decided to come behind me and unplug the freezer.

“I guess he thought we weren’t doing enough to support his cause? He never spoke to us or complained about our twice a week set up prior to unplugging the freezer.”

The dad explained that he’s always hunted animals for ‘economic reasons,’ as it allows the family to essentially have free meals during the winter months.

After hearing the parent’s version of events, many people said they had done the right thing and the boy had to learn a lesson.

One Reddit user said: “I can totally see how he thought he was doing a good thing but he needs to really think through these actions because all he really did was waste an animal’s life needlessly, increase the need for factory farm meat when his family replaces the tossed meat and potentially put his family under financial strain.

“I think this punishment is appropriate and fair.”

Another added: “[By] trying to force his beliefs on others by destroying their food, he’s harming his cause more than helping.”

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