Vera Wang, 74, Shares Her Strange Secrets To Stay Looking So Young

Vera Wang, 74, has shared her strange secrets to how she still looks so young.
Credit: @verawanggang/Instagram

Vera Wang, 74, has shared the bizarre secrets to how she stays looking so young

The popular wedding dress designer has made outfits for some of the biggest celebrities in the world, including Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Victoria Beckham.

Over the years, Wang has also wowed her fans with her youthful looks and finally, she’s revealed how she actually maintains her ageless complexion.

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The fashion designer has previously credited having a ‘vodka cocktail’ at the end of the day, as she says it helps her ‘transition from a very intense work schedule to a bit of private life’.

She also said that as she’s been involved in the fashion industry since she was 19 years old, as well as behind the camera, she’s ‘never thought of youth’.

Wang explained: “And because of that I more envision them as my muses, and maybe it’s a way of dealing with ageing that is productive.

“So I always said that vodka cocktail, a lot of sleep, but work, work is the magic elixir.”

Vera Wang
Vera Wang has previously credited having a ‘vodka cocktail’ in helping her keep her youthful looks. Credit: @verawanggang/Instagram

But after a recent appearance at the DKMS Gala in NYC, Wang has shared that, surprisingly, eating fast food also plays a factor in her youthful looks.

Speaking to Page Six, she said: “I do eat McDonald’s, absolutely, I order it every day, like two weeks on it, and then I’ll change.”

The fashion designer also revealed her love for Dunkin Donuts, adding: “I like the cream-filled, sugar-coated doughnut, it’s like a jelly doughnut, but it’s cream inside, vanilla cream.

“I like the pink with sprinkles, too.”

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While Wang mentioned fast food, she once again added that by being constantly busy with work she has maintained her appearance.

“I think work keeps you young and stimulated,” Wang continued.

“I work very long hours, I’ve raised two daughters. I think keeping busy is the best antidote [for] good health.”

This is not the first time Wang has mentioned the perks of eating junk food as previously, the former Vogue editor shared with Harper Bazaar that she was ‘eating a slice of Ray’s pizza every day’, but never gained a pound from it.

Vera Wang
Vera Wang regularly tucks into a McDonald’s. Credit: @verawanggang/Instagram

She defended this by saying it is ‘not a bad thing’ if you can get rid of that excess oil in your system. However, she has cut Diet Coke out of her life and only drinks water.

The fashion designer has had a long and illustrious career, having found herself hired as an editor at Vogue straight after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College – making her the youngest editor in the publication’s history.

She worked there for 17 years before securing a job at Ralph Lauren.

However, after spending only two years there, she left to establish her own bridal wear company, at the age of 40, which soon transitioned into evening wear.

Her evening wear has been spotted on the red carpet with the likes of Viola Davis wearing it at the Oscars and Sofia Vergara sporting one of her dresses at the Emmys.

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