Vet Travels California Treating The Pets Of The Homeless For Free

A vet has been praised for travelling California to treat the pets of the homeless for free. 

Practising veterinarian Dr Kwane Stewart has been treating pets across California for the past twenty years, but in the latter half of his career has decided to donate his spare time to providing free healthcare for the pets of the homeless. 

Stewart spends his weekends in areas with a high homeless rate and asks individuals if their pets need any treatments. Sometimes when driving home, he stops and pulls up to help if he sees any pets in need. 

Stewart began his venture as “The Street Vet” after the 2007 recession. He wanted to be able to provide healthcare for any pet, whether or not the owner could afford it. He has always made sure to cover small medical costs and has never charged owners who live on the streets. If the pet needs major surgery, he asks for the kindness of strangers through GoFundMe. Which has actually led him to be dubbed a GoFundMe hero. 

Instagram: @thestreetvet

When speaking to CNN, he said: “I don’t want to ever have to turn anyone away. 

“The look on people’s faces when they get their pets back, especially after a surgery or a life-saving procedure – those are moments I’ll remember forever.”

Stewart’s journey humbly began in Modesto, and he now travels across California on the search for pets in need of veterinary treatment. 

The veterinarian also has a soup kitchen that he launched in 2011, which he says anyone can pop into with their pets and he will offer a free checkup. 

Stewart recently shared on Facebook: “The people I’ve met and the pets I’ve treated have all left an impression on me… and I hope I’ve renewed some of their faith in the goodness of people.”

Check out “The Street Vet” in action below.

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