Victoria Beckham Mocked Over ‘Fake Accent’ In Video

Victoria Beckham has been mocked online after putting on a 'fake accent' while filming a makeup tutorial for Instagram.
Credit: @victoriabeckhambeauty/Instagram

Victoria Beckham has been mocked online after putting on a ‘fake accent’ while filming a makeup tutorial for Instagram.

It was only last week that her son, Brooklyn, was ridiculed online for the same thing, but this time it was Posh Spice who stood accused of altering her voice to make her sound more… posh.

Fans took to the comments section to comment on the change, with one user saying: “She never used to speak like this.”

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Another wrote: “Sorry but tries too hard with her accent, not natural at all.”

A third noted: “Hysterical put on way of talking! Check out Spice Girls videos she definitely did not sound like that. Just be yourself especially as you’re no teenager!! Sad.”

“Strange accent, didn’t realise she was actually posh. I thought it was a joke?” added a fourth.

Another said: “Sorry Victoria, your mouth is making a very unnatural noise. Hope you are OK.”

“TALK PROPERLY!!!!!!! That bloody voice is sooooo annoying,” before someone else commented: “Why does she talk like that?”

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In the video, Beckham spoke about how to achieve a ‘modern smoky eye’ with eyeliner from her beauty range.

The fashion designer was born in Harlow, Essex, and raised in Goffs Oak Hertfordshire and shot to fame in the group Spice Girls in the mid-nineties.

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According to the BBC, a study shed light on the way Beckhams spoke before and after their move to the US, when David signed for Los Angeles Galaxy.

The study revealed that in her Spice Girls days, Victoria Beckham had a typical accent of a girl from Essex.

It also showed that she pronounced her L’s approximately 25 per cent of the time in 1997 but increased it to 46 per cent in 2012.

“We think this may be connected with the fact that she’s forged a different career as a widely respected fashion designer,” said researchers.

“Factors such as social mobility and geographical location can have an impact on the way adults pronounce words.”

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