Viewers Of This Morning Show Left Outraged By Guest Saying She ‘Won’t Work With Fat People’

Viewers of the This Morning show were left outraged by today’s episode, as a guest on the show claimed she ‘wouldn’t work with fat people’ in what was a rather controversial interview. 

On the This Morning show, viewers were furious after watching guest Samantha Yardley claim she “wouldn’t work with fat people”.

On the daytime show, fitness instructor Samantha spoke to presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. In the interview, she shared her views on people who are overweight or obese.

She said that she believed life should be made an “inconvenience” to those who are overweight and “difficult” for obese people and this way they would live longer.

Credit: ITV

Before the interview had even begun, the ITV show stressed that viewers may find the following content offensive.

In the chat with Eamonn and Ruth, Samantha said she would “hire a thinner person over a fat person”.

Samantha explained that it came from a place of “personal experience” as she used to be bigger herself and having lost weight, feels more confident.

She claimed: “If you’re obese you knock at least 8 years off your life.”

Although some were offended by her views, one person wrote in after the show: “Whether people like it or not, the UK has the highest obesity levels in Europe. It costs the NHS billions year-on-year. People need to start taking responsibility for their own weight. Although, any form of discrimination is wrong.”

Another added: “I agree with Samantha, bottom line is ‘if you don’t look after your body, it won’t look after you’. If you’re obese then you’re much more likely to die early…”

She then went on to brand people who are obese as “lazy”, as you’d never “see them going for a jog”.

Credit: ITV

Despite some defending Samantha or at least seeing her point of view, Ruth was left outraged by the controversial comments.

The guest said that perhaps the word “lazy” had perhaps been a little too much, Ruth snapped back: “Well you’ve said it now.”

Ruth then asked Samantha what she thought was an acceptable weight and the fitness instructor responded: “When you reach a size 18 you need to make lifestyle changes.”

Fans took to Twitter to comment on Ruth’s reaction, one posted: “I love Ruth! She can’t hide her opinion behind her smile if she tried!!”

Whilst another commented: “Ruth can’t hide her annoyance at the attention-seeking fat shamer. She is raging.”

One person said in regards to the interview: “Wow, what an interesting lady! Apparently anyone over a size 16 is lazy, so judgemental! Please bring her back on with some ‘fat’ people and see how well she speaks then!

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but hunni it’s the 21st-century body-shaming isn’t cool. Stereotyping people isn’t cool, discriminating people isn’t cool! This statement does not motivate people what’s so ever.”

In a previous interview on the This Morning show, three Adele impersonators starred as guests on the show. They said they were concerned that they could be left jobless following the singer’s dramatic weight loss as they no longer resemble her.

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