Waiter Slams Slow Customers Who Don’t Know What They Want To Order

A restaurant waiter slams customers over 'not knowing what they want' and asking questions about the menu.
Credit: @jacobxstephen/TikTok

A restaurant waiter has criticised slow customers for not knowing what they want to order and asking questions about the menu.

In a video posted to TikTok, Jacob Stephen, aka @jacobxstephen, argued that diners should know what they’re going to order by the time the waiter arrives at the table.

He vented: “You’ve heard of being nice to your waiters. You’ve heard of tipping 20%. Have you heard of being fast?

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“Be fast. I want you to know what you want to drink when I walk up, maybe even throw in a food order. No questions about the food menu. If you have an allergy, fine. I’ll take care of you, but be fast.”

Stephen captioned the video: “Just let me vent for like one second! I promise I’m good at my job!”

According to Travel + Leisure, most American eateries expect to turn over a table two to three times per night, which would mean a party of two shouldn’t be exceeding around an hour and 45 minutes.

Stephen also said that if people are sat at a table, they should ‘actually spend money and order something’.

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He added: “You can catch up with your buddy on a bench for free.”

Many people agreed with Stephen’s sentiments, though some took a more critical approach to his rather frank advice.

One person said: “Going out is expensive, I will tip well but I will not rush, I will enjoy the moment.”

Another added: “Now I can’t chill at a restaurant. It’s wild out here.”


Just let me vent for like one second! I promise I’m good at my job! #capitalism ? #serverlife #chicago #lgbtq #gay #waiters

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“Meals are meant to be leisurely and enjoyed,” another said.

“No questions about the menu? If I sit for a long time, I overtip but, don’t expect it if you give me this attitude,” wrote another.

While one person wrote in support: “My 5 years in hospitality is why I won’t go anywhere without looking at the menu first.

“I know my cocktail and food order as soon as I walk in the door.”

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