Waitrose ‘Budget Range’ Branded ‘Out Of Touch’ By Customers

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Waitrose has been branded ‘out of touch’ by customers after it recently announced its ‘budget range’.

The supermarket, known for its expensive and premium prices, has followed competitors such as Morrisons and Asda in providing an essential section for shoppers who are struggling during the current cost of living crisis.

However, customers have been left shocked at how expensive the store’s budget range is, with shopper Rebecca Astill describing it as ‘insulting’. 

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In a piece for Birmingham Live, she wrote: “Waitrose is a premium brand, and this IS a budget range compared to their usual stock I think it’s insulting to actually be advertised as so.

“It all just feels a little out of touch.”

This comes after Astill attempted to do her weekly shop at Waitrose, and was surprised at the price of everything in the essentials range.

She continued: “I would always expect the fresh food to be the most expensive chunk of the shop, but for nothing to be less than £1 in a budget shop surprised me.”

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Astill mentioned how the Waitrose pizza was £2.60, which is more expensive than Teso’s Pizza Express branded ones, which are £2.50

She reported: “I especially thought £2.20 for 10 fish fingers expensive, that won’t go very far.

“Though the cupboard food was a little better priced for a budget range, I still was not overly impressed.”

This includes pasta sauce that cost £1.15 and potatoes costing £1.40.

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Astill revealed that her shop came to £31.84, which is significantly more than her weekly shop at Tesco and Aldi.

She noted: “My regular shop at Tesco costs me low £20s, and if I got to Aldi it is nearer £15.”

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Written by Rosario Monachino

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