New Trailer For James May’s New Cooking Show Has Been Released

James May is a man of many talents. For over twenty years, he, alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond have entertained audiences all over the world with their adventures and misdemeanours on Top Gear and most recently, The Grand Tour. 

But did you know, that James May, aka Captain Slow, is not only a world-renowned car and Lego enthusiast, but he’s also… a chef? 

Believe it or not, James May has a new TV show in the form of a brand new cooking series. The new show called James May: Oh Cook!, is set to air on Amazon Prime in the UK from 13th November and Amazon Prime Video have just released the trailer. 

You can check out the trailer for James May: Oh Cook! below: 


If you still can’t get your head around the idea of James May as a chef, then don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In fact, the synopsis of the show sums it up brilliantly by saying: “James May is not a chef. But that’s the whole point: you don’t need to be a brilliant cook to make delicious food”. 

“Transporting us to the Far East, the Med, and the local pub – all from the comfort of a home economist’s kitchen – he’ll knock up delicious recipes that you can actually make yourself, with ingredients you can actually buy. And all without the usual television cooking format trickery.”

Credit: Amazon Prime

And if Oh Cook! doesn’t whet your appetite enough, then it looks as though May will also be returning to our television screens again later this year, alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond for the highly-anticipated second instalment special of The Grand Tour, which will also be exclusively shown on Amazon Prime. 

Earlier this year, Jeremy Clarkson announced to Drive Tribe that The Grand Tour special was “94% edited” but had to be put on hold as the producer, Andy Wilman, had caught Coronavirus. 

“He was very, very, very poorly,” Clarkson said. “The good news is, he’s better, but all the edit suites and the voiceover suites and all the places you use to make television programmes are shut”. 

“The only real problem we had was that we were supposed to have gone to Russia two weeks ago to film the next one, but that really wasn’t possible. Well, it might have been possible to get there, but it sure as hell wouldn’t have been possible to get back.” 

James May: Oh Cook! will be available to watch on Amazon Prime from November 13th, but The Grand Tour special is yet to receive a release date. 

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