Wedding Guest Is Branded ‘Rude’ For Wearing White-Beaded Gown To Sister-In-Law’s Wedding

A wedding guest has been branded “tacky” and “rude” for wearing a white-beaded ball gown to her sister-in-law’s wedding, after originally refusing to be a bridesmaid at the wedding and making feeble excuses to not help plan the wedding. 

An anonymous woman from Australia took to Reddit to vent her frustrations at her husband’s sister, who turned up to the nuptials in a controversial outfit – knowing full well that the bride had opted for a simple wedding dress herself.

The woman claims that her sister-in-law refused to be a bridesmaid at her wedding and didn’t want to take part in any part of preparing the wedding. Instead, she held a massive birthday bash for her one-year-old the week commencing the big day.

Despite the outfit that caused some controversy, many users defended the sister-in-law, insisting that the bride shouldn’t let someone succeed in spoiling in her special day.

The bride shared the images but shielded their faces with emojis to protect their identities, she wrote: ‘My relative who flew in from overseas to attend my wedding wore a full white beaded gown.’

Another Reddit user was quick to make the bride feel better, insisting: ‘You look stunning. Her dress doesn’t look particularly nice or flattering. I hope you had a wonderful wedding and didn’t let her put a dampener on the day.’

The bride responded, saying that her words had been “comforting”. She explained that where she was from and in her culture, it had become a common occurrence that girls were trying to outdress the bride.

Acknowledging that her wedding dress was AUD$400 (£211), she knew that there was a possibility that something like this could happen – but that she was shocked that of all people, it was her sister-in-law that went to those lengths to upset her.

A curious user asked what culture the bride was from, for it to be a common occurrence – as they had never heard of it before.

The bride responded: ‘Middle Eastern – the woman commonly dress for weddings in insane gowns and go over the top.’

She then went on to add that she had taken her sister-in-law shopping for an outfit for the big day, and at one point had to tell her that the white lace dress she had chosen was incredibly “unflattering” and inappropriate, as the bride traditionally wears white.

At the end of that particular day, the sister-in-law told the bride that she had settled on a velvet navy dress that had a “huge train” and off-the-shoulder design, which was more expensive than the bride’s wedding dress.

Credit: Reddit

In preparation for her sister-in-law’s child first birthday, the bride insisted that she had “happily” helped her set up for the birthday bash, although with everything that needed to be done, it would have consumed a full day which she could have spent doing last minute things for her wedding.

Despite this help, her sister-in-law was reluctant to be of any assistance in planning the nuptials.

‘She didn’t contribute to any of the wedding planning and even said no to being a bridesmaid. She even got funny about her son being our ring bearer and told me that it could only happen under very specific circumstances.

‘This is also after she was just a bridesmaid for her sister’s wedding, and me and my then-fiancé took care of her two young kids the entire day. Pretty sad? But maybe I’m reading into it.’

Viewers were quick to reassure the bride that she was right to feel offended by sister-in-law’s attitude, agreeing that her behaviour was ‘wrong and rude’ and a ‘bad attempt at out-shining the bride this time’.

This isn’t the only person to be slammed at a wedding, recently, a woman tied her one-month-old baby to the back of her wedding dress and defended her actions.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.