What Is Snowballing And Why Has It Left People Disgusted

People are disgusted after finding out what 'snowballing' is.
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People are disgusted after finding out what snowballing is.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with a Winter Wonderland – far from it.

Look, it’s each to their own when it comes to couples getting frisky behind closed doors. But some people have come across an act that the majority of Reddit users find pretty repulsive.

So, what is it?

Well, snowballing refers to an intimate activity involving the exchange of s**en from one person’s mouth to another’s.

Just like a snowball accumulates snow as it rolls, the idea here is that with each exchange between partners, the mixture of baby batter and saliva grows in size.

The concept can sometimes be confused with ‘c** swapping’, a broader term used for sharing a mixture of s**en and saliva, regardless of who originally e****lated.

However, snowballing often involves the person who initially e***ulated into their partner’s mouth.

This distinction brings about variations in the use of the terms.

Reacting to the revelation, Redditors have been quick to express their disgust.

One says: “Gross. Not interested. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell my significant other would be keen either.”

Another writes: “I would not do it. I dislike s**en, as well as being allergic to it.”

“It sounds gross,” adds a third. “I wouldn’t try it. I don’t like to have s**en in my mouth anyway.”

However, some have been less disturbed.

Man and woman.
People are disgusted after finding out what snowballing means. Credit: Alamy

One person comments: “It’s SO HOT! I have done it once or twice.

“The idea of what you are doing is hotter than the physical act of it since it can get awkward and messy, but yeah, still s**y.”

While another adds: “Love love love it!”

Interestingly, the term ‘pud’ was used by podcast host and s** columnist Dan Savage to refer to this ‘mixture’ all the way back in 1999.

While snowballing might seem like a uniquely human act, there are instances of similar behaviour in certain animals.

Male cichlid fish, for example, transfer s**en into a female’s mouth to fertilise eggs.

However, this act is driven by the goal of reproduction, unlike human snowballing, which carries its own distinct connotations.

In the unlikely event that you’ve decided to give this act a go, s**ologist E. Michelle Thomas has offered some practical advice.

She told Cosmopolitan that when it comes to engaging in snowballing, it’s crucial to prioritise safety and consent.

Before considering it, all involved parties should undergo STI testing to ensure a healthy environment.

Consent should be a primary discussion point, as preferences may vary.

Introducing the topic can be eased through games like ‘Truth or Dare – No Consequences’ offering a lighthearted way to explore desires.

Once consent is established, Thomas suggests certain steps that can enhance the experience.

Staying hydrated, following a healthy diet, and avoiding smoking and alcohol can improve the taste of the mixture.

Starting with a b***job and having the partner finish in the mouth is a gentle introduction.

Progressing from an open-mouthed kiss to actual swapping allows for gradual exploration.

It’s important to remember that saliva makes up a significant portion of the mixture, so trying it without s**en initially is a cautious approach.

Ultimately, snowballing is an intimate choice that requires open communication, consent, and a focus on well-being.

It’s a unique aspect of s**ual exploration that, like all activities of this nature, should be approached with understanding and care between partners.

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