White Woman Faces Backlash After Winning Cosplay Convention Celebrating Black Nerds

Credit: @bonkawillywonka/Twitter

A white woman is facing intense backlash after winning the Blerdcon cosplay convention, which is meant celebrate black nerds. 

Twitter user @bonkawillywonka has taken to social media and blasted the controversial decision.

Alongside some photos, she penned: “The first picture is the white girl who won the costume contest at Blerdcon with that store bought looking costume.

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The white woman is facing backlash after winning the cosplay convention which is meant to celebrate black nerds. Credit: @bonkawillywonka/Twitter

“Next two pics are other contestants she won against. How?”

Over in the comments, people questioned why the white woman would have wanted to enter an event that is meant to ‘celebrates Blerd culture’.

“Not only is her costume not on the other two’s level AT ALL but they really gave it to a white woman at BLERDcon???? I need to see the judges,” a person tweeted.

A second said: “The whole con is ‘about’ and supposed to be for black nerds, hence the name.

“The entire point for people coming is because it’s a safe space for black nerds to show their talent, but this is the third time a non-black person won despite the con being less than five years old.”

However, others argued that there was too much focus on the woman being white and she most likely won because she ‘hand made’ the costume.

A Twitter user commented: “It’s because the judges were following their own fair rules of critiquing cosplay. They saw her cosplay was handmade with a lot of work put into it and out shown the competition. So she won fairly.”

Credit: @bonkawillywonka/Twitter

The woman who won the event, while dressed as Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, has now taken to social media and stated that she ‘should never have entered the competition’.

She penned: “The judges are the ones who made the decision on who won and I greatly respect all of their opinions and I am so thankful that they thought my cosplay was well made enough to even consider winning.

“That being said it still boils down to I entered a contest as a white woman at Blerdcon. I took an opportunity away from a black cosplayer. It’s as simple as that.

“I am sorry for invading a space I shouldn’t have and I know I have no one to blame for that mistake but myself. I am also sorry to all the people I have hurt in the process. I know no amount of apologies can fix what I have done but I am truly deeply sorry.”

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