Wife Claims Husband Isn’t ‘Allowed To Have Female Friends Or Text Women’

A wife has claimed that her husband isn't 'allowed to have female friends or text women' and her 'rules' have sparked a debate. 
Credit: @bmcpher/TikTok

A wife has claimed that her husband isn’t ‘allowed to have female friends or text women’. 

TikToker Bailey, who goes by the username @bmcpher, has taken to social media and opened up about how her marriage works.

In one clip, she wrote: “Rules my Husband and I have for our marriage that make people ANGRY.”

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The wife has claimed that her husband isn’t ‘allowed to have female friends or text women’ and her ‘rules’ have sparked a debate. Credit: @bmcpher/TikTok

She then shared the list, which includes ‘No friend of the opposite sex’ and ‘No work girlfriends/boyfriends or being alone with the opposite sex’.

Apparently, the couple also bans each other from ‘lusting’ over others and looking at ‘scandalous’ things online, including porn.

Bailey’s videos have now accumulated millions of views and many people have taken to the comments to share their thoughts on these ‘strict rules’.

One person commented: “It’s the insecurity for me.”

Another added: “Y’all, I’ll tell him to blink twice if he needs help.”

“I think all marriages are different. I agree with some. My marriage doesn’t have rules and guidelines. Just trust and respect,” a third commented.

A fourth wrote: “Lmao. The fact that y’all think these rules will keep a person faithful shows how delusional y’all are. A person will do what they want to do.”

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However, many people said they agreed with the ‘rules’ in Bailey’s relationship with her husband.

Supporting the TikToker, a viewer said: “Amen to everything in parts one and two… If anyone is upset is by these, there’s probably a reason.”

In agreement, a second penned: “The fact that so many people disagree with these points to why the divorce rate is higher than ever.”

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