Willow Smith Comes Out As Polyamorous

Willow Smith polyamorous

Willow Smith has come out as polyamorous. 

The 20-year-old made the revelation on Red Table Talk during a chat with her mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and grandmother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. 

She said: “With polyamory, I feel like the main foundation is the freedom to be able to create a relationship style that works for you and not just stepping into monogamy because that’s what everyone around you says is the right thing to do.”

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Willow Smith
Willow Smith has previously said she identifies as bisexual. Credit: @willowsmith/Instagram

However, Will Smith’s daughter doesn’t see herself ever wanting to ‘go past two partners’.

Her grandmother was opposed to the idea entirely and remarked: “For somebody like me, it feels like it’s really all just centered around sex.”

But Smith’s mum pitched in, saying: “Are you gonna be the person to say, you know: ‘Just because I don’t have these needs, you can’t have them either?’

“And so that’s kind of one of the reasons why I actually was interested in poly because I was introduced to it through kind of a nonsexual lens. In my friend group, I’m the only polyamorous person, and I have the least sex out of all of my friends.”

She added: “I’m okay with whatever you do.”

Previously, Willow has said she identifies as bisexual. 

On another episode of Red Table Talk, she explained: “I love men and women equally, and so I would definitely want one man, one woman. I feel like I could be polyfidelitous with those two people.”

What is polyamorous?

Polyamory is the practice of or desire to have an intimate relationship with more than one person. Some people still have one main partner whereas some have relationships with multiple partners.

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