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Winnie The Pooh Actor ‘Creeps Behind’ Disney Guest In ‘Hilarious’ Viral Video

A Winnie the Pooh actor has been filmed 'creeping behind' a Disney guest in a 'hilarious' viral video. 
Credit: ARK Media

A Winnie the Pooh actor has been filmed ‘creeping behind’ a Disney guest in a ‘hilarious’ viral video.

Sophia Facciolo, from Pennsylvania, US, recorded the moment the iconic children’s character was standing behind a teenager in Bambi’s Butterfly Garden.

In the 19-year-old’s clip, the bright yellow bear appears to walk up slowly behind the unsuspecting guest before standing right behind them.

Watch the viral video of the Winnie the Pooh actor at Disney below…

The surprised teen then turns around and looks confused by how close the actor is to them.

Discussing the moment, Facciolo told ARK Media: “It was fun! I was having a good day and that just made it better!

“I was with my friends getting in line for the Figment ride in Epcot when I noticed Winnie the Pooh and stopped to take this video.

“I don’t know the people in the video but I’ve gotten lots of laughs and smiles from this video, and a lot of Winnie the Pooh jokes.”

This isn’t the only time the Winnie the Pooh character has gone viral at the theme park.

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Winnie the Pooh actor.
The Winnie the Pooh actor was filmed ‘creeping behind’ a Disney guest in a ‘hilarious’ viral video. Credit: ARK Media

Previously, a mum, named Dani Reeves, took to TikTok and blasted the actor for ‘refusing to hug her daughter’ during the Covid restrictions.

On the social media platform, the parent fumed: “Covid sucks! My daughter was so embarrassed and upset after this.”

Many viewers were left divided by the clip in the comments, with one penning: “I don’t think Pooh is going to get Covid in that hundred-pound suit. This is ridiculous – a child just wants a hug.”

Others took to the comments and defended the actor.

One said: “It’s literally a rule by the company to protect the performer and the other people at the parks.”

In agreement, a second said: “Yeah, but Pooh needs to be safe, when Pooh is leaving his area he’s got to go, which means no hugging. This isn’t the first video of it. And not the last.”

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