Woman Shares Genius Trick For When You Want To Hang Up Phone Without Being Rude

Woah Vicky has shared a genius hack on TikTok to hang up on a phone call without seeming rude.
Credit: Zane and Heath: Unfiltered via YouTube

One woman has gone viral after sharing her genius hack for ending a phone call without seeming rude.

We’ve all been there – on a phone call that’s just dragging on and going nowhere.

And let’s face it: we’re all too busy to stay on the phone out of politeness when the conversation is effectively over.

But hanging up on someone just seems so aggressive!

Now, one woman’s clever hack for ending unnecessary phone calls has taken the internet by storm, with many branding it ‘genius’.

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Appearing on the YouTube series, Unfiltered with Zane and Heath, social media personality Woah Vicky shared her life-changing hack.

“That is genius,” proclaimed one of the guys on the show.

The sneaky method of ending an overlong phone call has since been posted on TikTok, where it’s leaving commenters shook.

One says: “OK but she’s teaching me things.”

Another writes: “She’s actually a secret genius.”

“The smartest thing I’ve ever seen,” adds a third.

Another TikToker adds: “The power I now hold is dangerous.”

While another raves: “Most useful thing I have learned SINCE school started.”

Woah Vicky
Social media has been left stunned by the hack. Credit: Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED via YouTube

Another points out that although the hack is helpful, by sharing it with the public, Vicky has kinda played herself.

“Her friends after watching this,” they write, adding an awkward-faced emoji.

Another agreed, laughing: “The guy who she hung up, looking at the show like:” and added the wide-eyed emoji.

So, what’s the hack in question?

Well, during the interview, Vicky received a call from an unknown number.

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She doesn’t want to answer, initially, but then realises it’s the perfect way to show off her hack.

She says: “Oh wassup.”

Then, as the other participant begins to talk, Vicky slyly shifts her phone over to aeroplane mode.

“I do this to people when I wanna hang up,” she confesses, showing her phone screen.

But because the phone is on aeroplane mode, rather than off, the call is disconnected, rather than hung up.

So a message is sent to the other person saying ‘call failed’ instead of ‘call ended’.

It looks as though the call has been cut off by the network, rather than by the caller!

Zane and Heath: Unfiltered
The show’s hosts were left mind-blown by the viral hack. Credit: Zane and Heath: Unfiltered via YouTube

Vicky confirms the hack works adding: “I always do that. It will say reconnecting.”

However, because the phone is now in aeroplane mode, the call will never actually be able to reconnect!

@unfilteredHow To Hang Up On Somebody With Airplane Mode Hack♬ original sound – unfiltered

In spite of the mega reception the hack has received online, some commenters remain a little sceptical of Vicky’s method.

One writes: “A really sad day when we are saying someone is a genius for hanging up on someone sneakily. Please learn to express your feelings, ‘Sorry I can’t talk right now’, or ‘I’ll call you back later’ or ‘Let’s move this conversation to WhatsApp/text’… or whatever is relevant. Almost another form of ghosting to avoid having to develop basic social skills.”

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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