Woman On ‘$100k Salary’ Sparks Debate After Revealing How She Spends Her Money

Credit: Alamy & @smartwomensociety/TikTok

A woman with a ‘$100,000 salary’ has sparked a debate on social media after revealing how she spends her money. 

Smart Women Society took to TikTok and broke down how a 28-year-old project manager, from Australia, would spend her hard-earned cash and it’s shocked many people.

The clip is captioned: “Would you do anything differently?”

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The woman, who has a ‘$100,000 salary,’ has sparked a debate on social media after revealing how she spends her money. Credit: @smartwomensociety/TikTok

The video reveals that the unnamed woman is left with $5,297 after paying out her taxes, student loan payments, and superannuation.

However, her expenses supposedly total up to a whopping $4,215. She explained that her mortgage comes to $2,200, bills cost $400, she puts $140 towards her health and transport also sets her back $250.

She then has other essential costs, including $500 for her food shop, $500 in insurance, $100 donation to charity, $70 to cover the internet, and $25 for her subscriptions.

Apparently, she also has some long-term goals with the cash, which include putting away for a holiday and an ’emergency fund’.

Once all these expenses have come out, the woman says she has $382 a month for ‘fun’.


Would you do anything differently? #budgetingtok #salarybreakdown #budgetbreakdown

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After viewing the clip, many people have taken to the comments and questioned how someone on such a good salary can have such little disposable income.

Shocked, one viewer questioned: “So you’re earning 100k but only have 400 bucks to yourself a month?”

“Her bills are way too high,” a second insisted.

A third commented, saying: “I think $500 a month on insurance is WILD. Unless it also includes health insurance.”

“Oh my f***ing God, your monthly expenses are WAY higher than average,” a fourth said.

Others praised the woman for donating to charity on a monthly basis, with one viewer writing: “Great to see charity in there.”

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