Woman, 27, Reveals She’s Never Been Kissed Or Physically Intimate

A woman, aged 27, has revealed that she’s never been kissed or intimate with anyone before. 

TikToker Emily Rose is speaking out about her experience so that she can make herself, and others, feel less alone. 

In the clip, which has been viewed over 1.7 million times, she confessed: “I’m 27 years old and I’ve never dated anybody.

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Emily says she’s never been kissed. Credit: @msemilyrose11/TikTok

“I’ve never been physical in any way shape or form with the opposite sex. Not even come close… ever. Not once.”

Emily then said that she wanted to open up about her love life after she saw someone else on the social media platform admit they were in a similar situation. 

She continued: “I just wanted to say it because I thought honestly, there’s not many of us that I know of.

“And I’d love to know more. So if there are any more men or women out there who are near this age and it’s just bizarre to the world, I’d love to know if you exist. 

“And I want to let you know that I exist and that we’re not alone!”

She then clarified she has been on dates in the past, but has never experienced a relationship.

Emily was then asked by her followers to give them some insight into what her upbringing was like. 

She revealed that she was the youngest of six children and all of her siblings had gone on to have successful relationships. But despite her lack of success at finding someone, she insisted she’s ‘not disappointed’ with how things have turned out. 

“I’ve never had the opportunity to date anybody,” she said. “I’ve definitely had my fair share of crushes but they’ve never been mutual.

“I’ve never had feelings for someone at the same time they’ve had feelings for me.

“And thank God because looking back at every single crush I’ve had, dear God thank you for not liking me back! Because I would have dated you and I’m so glad that I didn’t.”

Emily has received tons of support for being so honest. Credit: @msemilyrose11/TikTok

Many viewers praised Emily for being so open and honest with her followers and said there was nothing wrong with her lack of experience. 

One follower wrote: “Looks like someone is healthy and didn’t seek validation through sexual encounters when she was 14 like SOMEONE I KNOW (it was me).”

Another added: “I’m only 21 but reading these comments makes me feel so happy. My friends and family pick on me for always being single and it makes me feel so bad.”

“Normalise singleness,” a third said. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Better to be in a healthy relationship with yourself than a toxic one with someone else.”

Featured Image Credit: @msemilyrose11/TikTok

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