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Woman Left ‘Outraged’ Over £610 Chanel Advent Calendar

A woman has been left 'outraged' after spending £610 on a Chanel advent calendar that left her with 'shattered hopes and dreams'.
Credit: @eliseharmon/TikTok

A woman has been left ‘outraged’ after spending £610 on a Chanel advent calendar that left her with ‘shattered hopes and dreams’.

Elisa Harmon has gone viral on TikTok after revealing to her followers what the expensive beauty calendar – which promises to be ‘unlike any other’ – actually contains.

In one of her many clips on the product, she wrote: “When you try to get festive by buying an advent calendar but are left with shattered hopes and dreams.”

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The woman was left outraged after spending £610 on a Chanel advent calendar to open over the Christmas holidays. Credit: @eliseharmon/TikTok

Over the course of several videos, she then revealed that her calendar contained items such as lipstick, a mini perfume bottle and nail polish.

However, what left Harmon’s viewers gobsmacked was the fact that it also included a magnet, a wax stamp and a flipbook – which the TikToker was convinced had to be some kind of ‘joke’.

She added: “I’m not sure how I’m supposed to live, laugh, love under this condition but we will prevail.”

@eliseharmonI’ll lay everything out and show you all of the contents and you can tell me if you think it’s worth it ##chaneladventcalendar♬ Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

Harmon’s clips on the Chanel advent calendar have now accumulated millions of views and many people have taken to the comments and shared their thoughts.

One person said: “The Fyre Festival of advent calendars.”

Another added: “Why is half the stuff designed for kids? Stickers and keychains for f*** sake.”

A third commented: “Everyone who bought this is crying themselves to sleep.”

“Chanel did not understand the assignment,” a fourth joked.

According to reports, it’s been alleged that Chanel has blocked Harmon on the social media platform, as people claim she’s ‘cancelled’ the high fashion brand.

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