Woman Accidentally Dyes Cat Yellow After Applying Fungal Infection Treatment

A cat owner accidentally dyed her beloved pet’s fur completely yellow when she was trying to get rid of a fungal infection.

Thammapa Supamas, a cat owner from Thailand, decided to apply turmeric to her cat when she began to notice it was developing a fungal infection.

As some of you may know, if you tuck into a curry every now and then, turmeric can be an incredibly difficult stain to shift.

Yet this didn’t stop Thammapa from covering her white cat in it, instead of just applying it to the affected area. Unsurprisingly (although perhaps not to her), the cat came out in a vivid shade of yellow and since being shared online, it has been compared to the famous Pokémon character Pikachu.

Credit: Thammapa Supamas

Despite it not going how she had intended it to, her cat does look ridiculously cute yellow regardless.

Amused by what she had done, Thammapa documented the whole process onto her Facebook account and even edited her cat to look just like Pikachu by adding stripes and red cheeks.

Credit: Thammapa Supamas

As you can see from the before photos, the cat was originally a white colour, yet now stands out due to this method of treatment for fungal infections.

Thammapa had used turmeric as she was aware that it has an active component called curcumin, which is known to help reduce the signs of ageing and most importantly in this scenario, help decrease inflammation.

However, it is also responsible for the yellow stains you will find on your hands and clothing if you’re not careful when cooking or eating anything that contains it.

As Thammapa did such a thorough job of applying the turmeric to her cat, she will find that her cat is going to be yellow for quite some time.

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending and the treatment has worked, as her feline’s poorly paws have begun to clear up.

Credit: Thammapa Supamas

Although it turned out pretty well, please don’t resort to any home remedies you have in mind for any issues your pet is experiencing. Always consult a qualified professional when getting your pet checked out.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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