Woman Accidentally Transforms Her Garden Into Minecraft After Turf Laying Backfires

As people have a lot of time on their hands during lockdown and there’s been some unexpected but welcomed warm weather, people have taken to tending their gardens to make them perfect to lounge in during summer. 

Despite one woman going all out to make sure she had a new green lawn, her idea massively backfired when she took a look at the end results and realised it resembled the popular video game Minecraft.

Troubled by how her new lawn was growing out, the woman shared a photo of her garden online and asked others what had she done wrong to create such an effect.

The green-fingered woman asked: “Is it normal for new turf to grow at different speeds or did I do something wrong?”

The snap hilariously highlighted how the strips of grass were growing at completely different stages.

Although the woman had asked for help to resolve the situation, she instead received tons of compliments from others who said they actually quite liked it. They said that the design was “trendy”, “modern” and “cool”.

Some people joked about it resembling the video game Minecraft in which it shows box-like graphics and shapes. 

However, some people did joke about it resembling the video game Minecraft in which it shows box-like graphics and shapes.

Meanwhile, some said it was more like Tetris as it involved different shapes and colour somehow fitting together.

One person joked: “Fifty shades of grass.”

Another was amused and wrote: “Looks like you have been all around your street cutting strips of grass out of everyone’s lawn so you can have grass in your back garden.”

Yet some said they wanted to try and replicate the unusual look for their own gardens and said they truly felt it was a “unique” look.

One said: “I think it looks awesome and that it had been done on purpose.”

A second commented: “That is cool keep it like that.”

Thankfully, the woman’s question on what she did wrong was eventually answered. They said it was possible that she may have used two different types of grass which would cause them to grow at different speeds.

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