Woman Slams Airline For Serving ‘World’s Saddest Bacon Sandwich’

Credit: @liznugentwriter/Instagram & @lizzienugent/Twitter

A woman has reportedly slammed Ryanair for serving what could potentially be the ‘world’s saddest bacon sandwich’. 

Liz Nugent, a writer, took to Twitter on August 20 and shared a snap of her friend’s lunch from their flight.

She tweeted: “My pal @AimeeWoods21 paid €5.50 for this ‘bacon sandwich’ @Ryanair today. I’m trying to figure out if it qualifies.”

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Bacon sandwich
The woman, Liz Nugent, has slammed Ryanair for serving her friend the ‘world’s saddest bacon sandwich’ on a recent flight. Credit: @lizzienugent/Twitter

Jokingly, the woman added that the lunch turned out to be a ‘culinary experience’.

The post has since gone viral and tons of people have encouraged Nugent and her friend to make a complaint.

One person penned: “Ryanair doesn’t make sandwiches but they do pay catering companies to do so. Might be worth looking into who is catering because that is disgusting and substandard. @Ryanair, who provides your catering?”

Another humorously added: “Definitely budget… Budget Plus gives you an extra slice of bacon and for Budget Deluxe, you even get butter! Thanks for the laugh.”

“It’s like a thought experiment in how far the concept of ‘bacon sandwich’ can be whittled down before the things fall apart,” a third wrote. “I’m enjoying Ryanair’s new role as Avante Garde philosophers.”

It has since been confirmed by Aimee, Nugent’s friend, that she did eat the bacon sandwich, despite its appearance.

“I also had a lovely flight and the cabin crew were class,” she said. “I just found the sandwich humorous and slightly overpriced. Still ate it though!”

She added: “I doubt people will book a flight based on the quality of a sandwich to be fair!”

At the time of writing, Ryanair hasn’t commented on the backlash over its bacon sandwich.

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