Woman Claims Alien ‘Abducted’ Her And ‘Stole Eggs From Ovaries’

A woman has taken to social media and claimed that she's been 'abducted' by an alien who 'stole' her eggs. 
Credit: @sheerarejoice/TikTok

A woman has taken to social media and claimed that she’s been ‘abducted’ by an alien who ‘stole’ her eggs. 

Sheera Lumira Rejoice recently took to TikTok and said that she saw a ‘holographic-looking figure’ while sitting on her couch back in 2018.

She then claimed that she experienced ‘paralysis’ and began to ‘levitate’.

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Sheera Lumira Rejoice
The woman has taken to social media and claimed that she was ‘abducted’ by an alien who ‘stole’ her eggs. Credit: @sheerarejoice/TikTok

In one of the follow-up clips, she added: “I was in this state of pure bliss while they were doing it.

“I didn’t want to wake up from it, but I ended up waking up from it.”

Following the encounter, Rejoice alleged that she changed her name and decided to turn her life around.

However, she understood that the experience wasn’t a ‘hallucination’ when she worked alongside a shaman, who supposedly informed her that somewhere, she had ‘three hybrid babies’.

She then came to the conclusion that on the night she was ‘abducted,’ the alien took eggs from her ovaries.

Although Rejoice says she understands that not everybody will believe her story, she said people need to realise that not everyone ‘lives in a scientific reality’.

She acknowledged: “I live my life in a very spiritual way and it’s very much unscientific for some folks to understand.”

To back up her allegations, Rejoice also claimed that she had ‘scars’ on her ovaries.

@sheerarejoiceAnd no, I have never willingly got my eggs removed. For context, they took 3 of my eggs. ##ForzaHorizon5GO ##alien ##aliens ##extraterrestrial ##extraterrestrials ##ufo ##taken ##abducted ##abductedinplainsight ##abductedbyaliens ##fyp ##foryoupage ##fypage ##fypfypfyp♬ original sound – Justine?✨

After viewing her clips, many people took to the comments and pointed out to the TikToker that ovary scars can be acquired in numerous ways.

“You can get ovarian scarring from pelvic inflammatory disease, cyst rupture, or endometriosis, which seems more reasonable than alien abduction,” one wrote.

Others also questioned how the woman could possibly know that it was just ‘three eggs’ that had been stolen.

One asked: “You counted your eggs and came to the conclusion that you were missing three?”

Another added: “Out of all of your eggs, you were able to pinpoint that ‘they took 3’. Girl, bye.”

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