Woman Appalled By ‘Sexist’ Dating App As It Suggests Men Ask Questions Such As ‘What’s Your Favourite Chore?’

A woman was appalled to find that the dating app Badoo was suggesting men ask her ‘unacceptable’ pick up lines such as ‘What’s your favourite chore?’. 

Starting a conversation can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’ve never met the person and all you have to go off is their profile picture. Yet Badoo user Jess Becker couldn’t believe it when she received a ‘sexist’ and slightly odd question from a fellow singleton.

The 29-year-old noticed that she had received a message and when she opened it, couldn’t believe that the guy had asked her what her favourite chore was – what an opening line.

The recruit worker, from North London, thought it was a completely “unacceptable” question to ask and couldn’t believe it when she realised it was one of the suggested questions provided by the actual dating app.

Jess’ match didn’t end the conversation there, they then popped up saying: “Do you think it’s okay for Badoo to make that a pick up line?”

As the question had infuriated Jess, she responded honestly, stating: “It’s pretty sexist. Maybe we should team up and take Badoo down.”

Instagram: @jessbecker37

Still feeling frustrated, Jess decided to vent her anger at the app by sharing her experience on social media. She called out the dating app Badoo by posting: “This isn’t the 1950s.

“Not cool of a top global dating app to give men a pre-written pickup line to send to women. Stop the stereotypes!!”

Jess, who also runs a company which sells T-shirts, said that if she had been asked the question in person, she would have been made to feel as equally uncomfortable.

Instagram: @jessbecker37

She told the Metro: “I can’t believe a huge, global company would do such a thing.

“Even if a guy asked me that directly, I’d feel very uncomfortable, questioning what does he expect of me?

“Is he setting the tone of our relationship?

“I believe in equal relationships and chores, bills etc should be split!”

In response to Jess’ anger, Badoo responded by explaining: “(Prompts) range from ‘has a stranger ever changed your life?’ to ‘what’s the worst advice you’ve ever given?’ – with dozens more in between.

“Feedback tells us they help our members break the ice, and get over the ‘stage fright’ contacting a stranger for the first time can sometimes cause.

“One of the questions in our long list is ‘what is your favourite household chore?’, which, like all our suggestions, is available for any gender to use on the app, should they wish to.

“We do appreciate how this question could be used in a sexist way, and as well as removing this particular question will be taking a closer look at all our prompts.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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