Woman Attacked By Rabies-Plagued Bat In Front Porch Ambush

A woman was sat on her porch one evening, enjoying the peace and quiet, when she and her dog were attacked by a rabies-plagued bat. 

Camilla Schumacher, from Lincoln County, Oklahoma, may have to stay in and quarantine for 45 days as she waits for the test results for the potentially deadly disease, according to the Metro.

The woman claims she was attacked whilst sitting on her porch, alongside her daughter and dog Kane.

Reportedly, Camilla didn’t see the bat until she felt its teeth plunge into her ankle and it was then that her dog attempted to catch the bat and put it in his mouth.

Credit: KOCO

Fortunately, the woman managed to slap the bat out of his dog’s mouth and she has now sent it off to a lab for analysis. It was then that she was told the bat had indeed had rabies.

Camilla was then relieved to hear that as she had recently had her pup have his up to date vaccinations, Kane’s life had been saved.

She told local ABC affiliate KOCO: “She was being protective. She is so sweet and so loyal.”

Camilla is hoping that her story can raise awareness for others who may have come into contact with rabid animals before.

Noting that there isn’t much awareness surrounding rabies, she commented: “I think, maybe, it’s a godly thing that this happened so a message could get out.”

Credit: KOCO

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rabies infects the central nervous system and can spread from animals to people and pets, if they are bitten or scratched by a rabid animal.

If a person doesn’t receive the proper treatment, the virus can lead to disease in the brain and become fatal.

The CDC has urged that anyone who has been exposed to rabies seek medical care immediately.

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