Woman ‘Attacks Manager’ As She Tries To Get Into Restaurant After Queuing Two Hours For Food

A woman has reportedly attacked a manager of a Red Lobster restaurant in Pennsylvania after she had to queue two hours for food on Mother’s Day. 

After receiving so many orders on Mother’s Day, a Red Lobster restaurant in Pennsylvania had people waiting for their food for over two hours at one point.

Although most people were understanding due to social distancing policies, one woman was forced out of the restaurant after she repeatedly demanded a refund, which staff reassured her she would receive. Despite staff managing to get her outside the building, the woman continued to try and force her way back inside and eventually, she tried throwing a punch at the manager.

A viral video of the incident has been circulating online since and many people responded to the footage, appalled by her behaviour.

The video was captioned: “Woman upset that she has to wait 3 hours for food from Red Lobster on Mother’s Day when the restaurant has a reduced staff.”

In response, one person commented on the video: “People who don’t work in the restaurant business don’t understand what BUSY is. Or that with half the amount of staff you can not get food out that quick and insure quality.”

Whilst another wrote: “Now this is a familiar stance….. she REFUSED to leave, and assaulted several employees, but look who’s playing victim and calling 911.”

Meanwhile, a third said: “Hope she was arrested and banned from the store for life as well as banning her address so she can’t get delivery either.”

As the woman had caused so much of a scene, local police responded and the restaurant had to be closed to customers.

Lutenaiant Tony Beam of the Springettsbury Township Police stated: “We did respond, we talked to the people involved. She was upset because her food wasn’t ready. She wanted her money refunded.”

Red Lobster also issued a statement, in which they apologized to the customers who had been left disappointed about the speed at which it taking to keep up with the high demand.

It said: “We do not tolerate violence for any reason in our restaurants. We expect our team members to treat our guests with respect, and we expect our guests to treat our team members with respect in return. We are grateful for our manager and the guest involved were not seriously injured in the incident on Sunday.”

According to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s orders, restaurants must now be closed or operating on a takeaway/delivery basis which will help to minimise social contact during the coronavirus pandemic.

In other news, two women have been barred from a local food bank after they filled their bags ‘six times in one day’.

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