Woman Faces Backlash For Telling Wives ‘How To Keep Their Men Happy’

A woman is facing backlash after telling wives they should know 'how to keep their men happy'. 
Credit: @girlygirluk/TikTok

A woman is facing a huge backlash online after telling wives ‘how to keep their men happy’ in a series of videos. 

The TikToker, who goes by the name @girlygirluk, has been branded ‘outdated’ and ‘old-fashioned’ after sharing her ‘advice’ on relationships.

She captioned the video: “[It’s] really not so hard.”

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The woman, who is known as @girlygirluk on TikTok, is facing backlash after telling wives they should ‘know how to please their men’ in a relationship. Credit: @girlygirluk/TikTok

In the clip, she stated: “A man isn’t really hard to please.”

She then went on to list all things a woman should do for her man, including ‘wear dresses,’ ‘feed him,’ ‘get flirty’, ‘kiss him,’ and ‘make home a paradise’.

Elaborating on why women should wear dresses, she said, simply, ‘men like them more’.

So far, the clip has accumulated over 109,000 views from TikTokers and racked up hundreds of comments. But, unsurprisingly, many people have been left outraged as they think she sounds like she’s ‘living in the 1940s’.

One viewer said: “Please tell me that this is a joke.”

Another added: “Babe this isn’t the 1900s. A man’s happiness isn’t our job. Please progress and grow.”

“You forgot to change him, burp him, read him a bedtime story,” a third commented.

@girlygirlukReally not so hard 🤫🤫🤫🤫♬ original sound – _ritikaaaa

However, some men took to the comments and admitted that she’d described their ‘perfect woman’ with her videos.

One man asked: “Where can I find a woman like this?”

Pitching in, a second said: “This chica knows what it takes. I wouldn’t make her feel bad for posting or reposting the same vid. At least she knows her own mind.”

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