Woman Believes Husband When He Claims He Caught Chlamydia From Wearing Face Mask

A woman is being mocked online after she moaned about wearing a face mask, commenting that her husband wore one and that’s how he caught chlamydia.  

A woman, who is named Cheryl, has been mercilessly mocked online after she took part in a discussion about face masks.

She stated that her husband had caught “clamedia” from wearing a mask whilst on a business trip. She wrote: “My husband had to where a mask on a business trip and now he has clamedia.”

Amused, Twitter user @jenwifonen shared a screenshot of the conversation that has now gone viral and wrote: “Y’all… this just happened on our local news site… what is life.”

When Cheryl wrote that her husband had “clamedia”, many assumed that she was referring to the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia, this is contracted through vaginal, anal or oral sex.

Another Facebook user named Harmony responded to the woman, asking: “…do you mean chlamydia? The STI?”

Cheryl then replied: “No he got it from the mask.”

This then prompted Harmony to gently break the news about what she assumed had actually happened to her husband.

She wrote: “Unless there’s another illness with a similar name that didn’t show up on a Google search… because it REALLY sounds like you’re telling folks your husband cheated on you while he was on his business trip and told you it was from a mask.”

Some said it was possible she had been referring to chlamydia pneumonia, which is a type of bacteria that can cause respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia.

In disbelief over the conversation, the Twitter user’s post about the discussion has gone viral and has since been retweeted over 52,000 times.

For many people, they were most amused by Cheryl’s bad spelling rather than her lack of knowledge on how chlamydia is spread.

One person joked: “My coworker and I went on a business trip and she’s now carrying my child because we both wore masks. MY WIFE IS FURIOUS AT THE GOVERNOR!”

Meanwhile, another said: “Clamedia? From wearing a mask? While her man is on a business trip. Ummmm. Wow. Ok. Kind of too much to unpack here. Girl. Go get tested.”

A third chimed in: “He was covering the wrong head!”

Whilst some Seinfield fans said that they couldn’t help but be reminded of “the tractor story” when reading Cheryl’s comment. This is a plot that took place in the ninth season and the episode was titled ‘The Burning’. It was the episode in which Jerry’s girlfriend Sophie claims that she got gonorrhoea from riding a tractor whilst wearing a bathing suit. Kramer then explains that this is impossible and insinuates that her boyfriend must have told her that so she didn’t figure out the truth.

Many people insisted that Cheryl must have been joking, as surely she couldn’t believe such a lie. Whilst others pointed out that it was possible she had been referring to chlamydia pneumonia, which is a type of bacteria that can cause respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia.

One person explained: “There is a bacteria that causes pneumonia known as Chlamydia pneumoniae. But the chances that she knows the exact bacteria are low and the chances it was caused by mask wearing are even lower lol.”

In response to this, neuropsychiatrist Dr Ben H on Twitter noted: “Could mean Chlamydia pneumoniae Possible for a business trip, if he was in contact with an infected person for a sig time. It’s not highly contagious. More likely spread between room mates & confines work environments than brief encounters.

“I think she is most likely just trolling though.”

Whilst all these theories were going on online, many said that they had become intrigued by the mysterious Cheryl and were curious as to how she and her husband were – if she wasn’t a troll.

Some said they had checked out her Facebook profile and it says she’s divorced. Many were gleeful, hoping that she had left her cheating husband after discovering how you truly caught “clamedia”. Yet many said that they thought this was even further proof that Cheryl is a troll.

Since the comment has gone viral, the potential troll’s comments have been deleted.

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