Woman Blasts Parents Who ‘Rehome Adopted Children On Facebook’ 

A woman has blasted parents who 'rehome their adopted children on Facebook'. 
Credit: @karpoozy/TikTok

A woman has blasted parents who ‘rehome their adopted children on Facebook’. 

Kirsta, who says she is an adoptee herself, recently took to TikTok to show examples of what she was talking about. 

In the video, she said: “I’m just here to remind everyone that adopted children get returned, oftentimes through Facebook, Facebook!

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Woman slams
The woman called out parents who speak about ‘rehoming adopted children on Facebook’. Credit:@karpoozy/TikTok

“I’ve got a few posts I want to share. Buckle up, let’s read.”

One screenshot read: “For those of you that have had disrupted adoption, how long does it take before life becomes ‘normal’ again.” 

Another showed somebody complaining about the process of rehoming an adopted child.

The person supposedly said: “I feel so alone, and we’re going to be broke with legal fees.” 

Commenting on the posts, Kirsta remarked: “You might be asking yourself, ‘Why do people rehome their adopted children?’

“A few different reasons: The child’s physical health, their emotional health, the adopted parents just don’t feel like having the child anymore. Many say it’s due to aggressive behaviour and defiance. 

“Now, adopted youth are far more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD or ODD, which are both externalized in disorders that may present challenging behaviours. 

“On top of that, any child that comes from trauma, which you can expect when you are adopting, may have explosive behaviours because they do not know how to self-regulate, and they have been through trauma.”

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TikTokers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the topic.

One viewer said: “I went to school with a kid who was adopted whose parents would threaten to give her back every time they were mad at her.” 

Another added: “When I was 15 my adoptive parents did this to me!”

However, others were sceptical about the authenticity of the social media posts.

“This is anecdotal, I would like to know a true statistic with the percentage of adoptive parents compared to birth parents,” one wrote.

According to the U.S. Child Welfare Information Gateway, the percentage of adoptions that face disruption is between 11% and 25%, based on numerous studies.

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