Woman Finds Out Boyfriend Is Cheating After Discovering Baby Registry

Credit: @priscilluhhbaby/Instagram

A woman has claimed that she found out her ex-boyfriend was cheating when she discovered a baby registry. 

In a series of TikTok clips, Pris explained how she found out her ex-partner had been seeing another woman behind her back.

“Randomly googling my boyfriend’s name on a Friday night,” the post read on the screen. “Finds his baby registry from January of this year. Finds out the baby is a six-month-old.”

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Credit: @priscilluhhbaby/Instagram

In a follow-up, she continued: “So, we were just on vacation together – literally this time last week – and he lost his phone, along with his wallet.

“So he didn’t have it the rest of the weekend – he took me to the airport because my flight was before his and the last thing he told me was ‘Whenever I get a phone, I’ll talk to you. Love you, have a safe flight’.

“And I haven’t talked to him since and I got the sudden urge to just Google him. I had never googled him before and he has no social media, he used to but he deleted it because he never used it. And he and I were complete opposites so I didn’t think it was weird.”

When Pris searched him on the internet, she claimed that a baby registry popped up on the screen, and he was listed as the child’s father.

“I come across a baby registry that was at a Target a couple of towns over,” she said.

The woman explained that she was so concerned because her ex-partner’s name is rare and there were also photos that showed a baby that ‘looks exactly him’.

Pulling a sad face, she claimed: “I did my snooping and of course, it was all there.

“I tried to call him and it went straight to voicemail, but when my cousin tried to contact him, the calls went through, he just did not answer.

“When she tried to text him, the texts went through. He just didn’t respond, so my cousin sent him all the pictures and he proceeded to block her.

“And the girl also blocked me and my cousin on Facebook, as well.”

@priscilluhhbabybased on true events lmao ##Buffering ##fyp♬ ahAAAAA HAHAAAA – ryn, the mean lesbian wifeguy

However, Pris updated her followers to let them know she had actually got in touch with her ex-boyfriend’s baby mama.

Recalling their discussion, the TikToker said: “We both met him at the exact same time, we both started dating him at the same time and she ended up getting pregnant a few months later.

“He continued to pursue things with her and with me, but we had two different relationships with him.

“He made me extremely happy, but my whole relationship was a lie. It made me so sick. I was living a lie and it sucks.”

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