Woman Who ‘Breastfed Her Husband’ Goes Viral With Explanation

A woman who 'breastfed her husband' has gone viral with her explanation on TikTok. 
Credit: @twodears/TikTok

A woman who ‘breastfed her husband’ has gone viral with her explanation on TikTok. 

Jennifer, who posts under the username @twodears, has claimed that she was in severe pain, which was caused by a blocked milk duct that needed to be ‘cleared’. 

In a clip explaining the situation, she said: “There are some things in marriage and having babies that you just can’t prepare for, and this is one of them.”

Woman Claims She ‘Breastfeeds Boyfriend To Get In The Mood’

The woman has explained why she ‘breastfed her husband’ in a now-viral video. Credit:@twodears/TikTok

The mum then said that before resorting to having her husband ‘clear’ the blockage, she tried other methods.

She continued: “So I found this article because I was just googling and googling, that said your partner should suck the clog out.

“I mentioned it to my husband, I was like, ‘Do you wanna help me out?’

“He was like, ‘I would do that for you. I might gag, I might throw up, but I will do that for you’. So we did it.

“We got this bowl and put it to the side so he could spit it out, and I breastfed my husband.”

Recalling the situation, she added: “Oh my God! I feel like I have PTSD. I feel like I can’t look you guys in the eye right now.”

Discussing her husband’s reaction, she said: “In the beginning, he got a small taste of it and he was like, ‘This is actually really sweet’.

“But then at the end when he unclogged it, he was basically about to gag because it started flowing because the clog was gone, and that was enough. Enough!

“I feel like we’re bonded for life.” 

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Since being posted, the video has accumulated over 1.8million likes, with viewers being quick to comment. 

One asked: “My question is did you both keep a straight face while this was happening or was there lots of awkwardness including laughter?” 

“Normalise this!” said another. “There’s nothing wrong with this! Doing natural things can feel unnatural because we are so removed from our instincts.”

A third commented: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is marriage. You go all the way for your spouse. That’s a heck of a story.”

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