Woman Recalls ‘Bridesmaid Running Off With $5,000 Of Wedding Money’

A woman on TikTok has recalled how her 'bridesmaid ran off with $5,000 of her wedding money'.
Credit: @emmaclaiir/TikTok

A woman on TikTok has recalled how her ‘bridesmaid ran off with $5,000 of her wedding money’.

Emma Clair took to the social media platform and uploaded a storytime video with her 180,000 followers.

She explained that her relationship with her bridesmaid, who remains unnamed, was ‘super super close’ and ‘inseparable’.

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Clair said: “Each bridesmaid had a different role, and this bridesmaid in particular, her role was to book the accommodation and be in charge of all the money.

“It was a lot of money from a lot of people, so I think it ended up being just over $5,000 (£2,955.50).”

She told her followers that the build-up to the wedding was going ‘smoothly’ until two weeks before the big day, which is when the bridesmaid allegedly got involved with some drama and ‘vanished’.

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Clair claimed: “I got a message from her and she was starting all this drama.

“I was like, ‘This is really odd’. And then I started getting messages from all my other bridesmaids being like, ‘Hey don’t want to alarm you, but this particular person is starting drama in the bridesmaid group, and we’re not sure what to do about it’. 

“This went on for a couple of hours, before my bridesmaids actually contacted me, and said they were starting to stress out because she had stopped replying to them and also stopped replying to me.”

Luckily, Clair and the other bridesmaids managed to get in touch with her mum, who reportedly made a peace offering (kind of).

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She continued with her claim, telling followers: “We got in contact with her mum, and without even flinching, she transferred us the $5,000 with no questions asked.

“While all this was happening, we heard nothing from her and realised she had blocked us on everything.

“Once we got the money back, we managed to book an epic hen’s weekend, and I’m so grateful.”

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