Vegan Mum Says She Brushes Her Teeth With Water Instead Of Toothpaste

Vegan mum uses water to brush her teeth instead of toothpaste.
Credit: @comingupfern/TikTok

A vegan mum says she’s been brushing her teeth with water instead of toothpaste. 

The TikToker, known as @comingupfern, posted a clip on the platform explaining why she doesn’t trust ingredients such as fluoride. 

She said: “Look at the ingredients in your toothpaste and tell me how it makes any sense to be rubbing any of them into your teeth.”

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The vegan mum says she uses water instead of toothpaste to brush her teeth as she believes that fluoride is dangerous. Credit: @comingupfern/TikTok

She added: “Now, go brush your teeth as normal, but don’t use any toothpaste.”

However, many of Fern’s followers said it didn’t sound like a wise idea.

One commented: “Do whatever you want, it’s your life. But I need toothpaste, sorry.”

Another revealed: “I got four cavities when my parents decided to brush my teeth with just water.”

“Wait till she finds out what chemicals are in sink water,” a third said.

But one parent suggested that, alternatively, people can use baking soda and natural mint grind when mashed up as a paste.

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Several dental experts have since pitched in and advised viewers not to follow Fern’s advice. 

“It makes a lot of sense to be rubbing those ingredients on your teeth actually! Toothpastes are carefully created for your benefit,” dentist Kishen Godhia wrote.

Although the TikToker isn’t the first to raise a debate over the safety of using fluoride in toothpastes, it has been approved by the American Dental Association to use for both adults and children.

According to, the ingredient can help to prevent cavities, limit oral bacteria, strengthened weakened tooth enamel and reverse early tooth decay.

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