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Woman Goes Viral After Buying And Wrapping Next Year’s Christmas Presents

A woman has gone viral on social media after admitting to buying and wrapping next year's Christmas presents already. 
Credit: Gemma Chamberlain via Facebook

A woman has gone viral on social media after admitting to buying and wrapping next year’s Christmas presents already. 

Gemma Chamberlain took to the popular Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargaining UK to reveal that she’d headed down to her local Boots and Tesco to pick up some absolute ‘bargains’.

She wrote: “Boots half-price sale and Tesco clothes and club card bargains (boots were £176 total savings £178 so actually saved more than I spent).

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The woman has admitting to buying and wrapping next year’s Christmas presents. Credit: Gemma Chamberlain via Facebook

“All wrapped and ready for next year.”

Since sharing, the post has accumulated over 8,000 likes from the group’s members. It’s also received 2,000 comments, with many praising the woman’s organisational skills.

One member said: “Well done, I do this every year and save an absolute fortune. And to the naysayers, [it] doesn’t mean thought hasn’t been put into gifts just because they are reduced. Quite the opposite, you can often buy someone special a better present at a fraction of the cost.”

In agreement, a second penned: “I have always loved sale shopping ready for next year but never thought to wrap them while the stuff was still out! Being a mum-of-three under three, I have found this Xmas [that] I was mega unprepared compared to previous years, so I will defo be taking this tips!”

However, some people said that this wouldn’t work for their families, as people would constantly change their minds on what they wanted.

One mum commented: “I love a sale but the way my kids grow and change what there into I couldn’t shop this early haha.”

“I actually couldn’t do that. My kids chop and change throughout the year, so if they like Harry Potter this year, I can guarantee it’ll be something else next year!!!!” a second agreed.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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