Woman Catches Guy Sending Text About Her On Plane

A woman caught out a guy texting 'fat-shaming' comments about her on a plane journey. 
Credit: @landenmewing/TikTok

A woman has claimed she caught a guy sending ‘fat-shaming’ text messages about her on a plane journey. 

Landen Ewing recently took to TikTok to open up about the incident.

She explained: “This guy sits next to me and it’s just like, me and him in the row. It was just me and him. And he has his phone out, like way out in front of him, where I can see it.

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The woman caught the guy texting ‘fat-shaming’ comments about her to his girlfriend on a plane journey.  Credit: @landenmewing/TikTok

“I’m reading his texts with his girlfriend and she’s asking him how the flights going, you know, just a casual conversation like that.

“And then I look over and she says ‘How’s the flight going?’ and he says ‘Too small with this fat ass next to me’. He was talking about me.”

“Then she [the girlfriend] said ‘Hahaha, tell her about keto’. What?!”

Although it could have been really upsetting for her to read, the TikToker reassured her followers that she’s okay.

Ewing said: “[I] didn’t spend more than an hour thinking about it.”

She added: “The sad thing is that I could have been someone that it did affect. Imagine if it was someone who was insecure or dealing with a lot of body image stuff.”

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The clip has now accumulated a whopping 1.1million views and thousands have taken to the comments to the blast guy and his girlfriend.

One said: “I hope the girl see this so she can be embarrassed that she makes him treat other girls like that.”

Another added: “Yeah, you’re gorgeous. Sounds like he’s been in trouble with his girlfriend before and it had nothing to do with you. But I’m sorry you had to read that.

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