Woman Causes Internet Debate After Sharing Photo Of Her Full English Breakfast Which Includes Peas

A woman has caused a frenzied debate over the internet after she shared a photo of her full English breakfast onto Twitter, as bizarrely there were some peas alongside the classic breakfast dish. 

Nothing quite beats a full English breakfast, especially when you have a hangover or usually just pour yourself a bowl of cereal. Alongside a Sunday roast and fish and chips, it’s an absolute staple dish.

However, one woman was shocked when she shared her full English brekkie to Rate My Plate on Twitter as she received tons of responses which stated that her version was wrong – as it included peas.

The photo which was shared to Twitter shocked foodies across the nation as the woman claimed that it was her number one hangover cure. Others took offence to the fact that she also added gammon too.

One shocked Twitter user wrote: “Peas and beans on the same plate? For Breakfast? You should be on a register for this.”

Another added: “It’s a criminal offence to consume peas before noon. Especially when you have beans. Beans are your morning pea.”

Meanwhile, others said that aside from the peas, it was a presentable looking breakfast they’d tuck into.

Others said that aside from the peas, it was a presentable looking breakfast they’d tuck into. 

One person said: “Looks lush all except for the peas? They in themselves look lovely but have no place on such a cooked breakfast, that’s just plain mischief-making for mischief’s sake.”

Yet some people said they’d also need to remove the gammon too, with one saying: “I don’t know which is worse? Garden peas or gammon? Is this definitely breakfast and not lunch?”

It wasn’t long before the photo went viral and attracted hundreds of comments. Eventually, it even gained the attention of frozen food manufacturers Birds Eye, the brand chipped in commenting: “We admit that peas in an English breakfast are a bit rogue, but we also admire the attempt at making it healthy. Thoughts?”

This amused those involved in the chat even more, as one person said: “Making it healthy? It’s a heart attack on a plate. And some peas.”

In other news, people are going crazy for pancake cereal for breakfast and to be fair, it does look incredibly yummy.

Meanwhile, an Aldi manager saw that an 87-year-old customer who regularly shopped at the store was only buying tinned foods. Kindheartedly, he decided to ask a local cafe if they would cook for her instead.

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