Woman Causes Outrage By Licking Toilet Seat In Gross ‘Coronavirus Challenge’

A woman has caused outrage over TikTok by licking a toilet seat in a gross ‘coronavirus challenge’ video. 

Influencer Ava Louise decided to upload a disgusting clip in which she is shown completing the ‘coronavirus challenge’ by licking a toilet seat.

The 22-year-old can be seen raising two V signs at the camera and pouting at her followers.

It has yet to be determined whether or not the toilet was a public one or not, but it does appear the video was taken on a plane.

The TikTok video was uploaded on Saturday and since then, has been seen over two million times.

Instagram: @avalouiise

Since the video was uploaded, unsurprisingly the influencer’s antic has been heavily criticised by viewers who labelled it “seriously stupid”.

One person commented: “Yep, next-level stupid s*** happening.”

Another said: “I can’t recall a time I’ve been more disgusted.”

Despite the negative comments, Ava has defended her actions on Twitter. She claims the stunt was simply a “social experiment” and didn’t understand why people would be so “mad” by the incident.

She added: “Please RT this so people can know how to be properly sanitary on the airplane.”

Instagram: @avalouiise

After receiving so much controversy, it appears that the video has been removed from TikTok but it still available to watch on Twitter.

The influencer often receives negative press, as she has appeared on Dr Phil twice and once commented that she would rather die young than be ugly.

Instagram: @avalouiise

It has been established that the virus, COVID-19, is spreading through respiratory droplets which are expelled through coughing and sneezing.

You can catch the virus by inhaling these droplets. The potentially deadly disease can survive on the surface and so by touching it can cause it to be transferred to your mouth, eyes or nose.

To protect yourself, you need to be washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, regularly and thoroughly. It is most important before you eat or as soon as you arrive at your home or work.

If you don’t have any soap and water is not available, the second option is to use a hand sanitiser. You should also avoid touching your face, and try to keep a distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing near you.

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