Woman Left ‘Disappointed’ Over $825 Chanel Advent Calendar

A woman has joked she was 'left with shattered hopes and dreams' after spending a whopping £825 ($610) on a Chanel advent calendar. 
Credit: @elisaharmon/TikTok & ARK Media

A woman has joked she was ‘left with shattered hopes and dreams’ after spending a whopping $825 (£610) on a Chanel advent calendar. 

Chanel dropped its first-ever beauty calendar in 2021 and it included 27 treats inside.

Its cost surpassed many other luxury brands and quickly went viral on social media, as many wanted to see whether it was worth the hype.

Thankfully, vlogger Elisa Harmon, from Delaware, came to the rescue and took to TikTok, where she has a staggering 236,000 followers, and revealed all.

Watch the woman open the Chanel advent calendar here…

Over the course of several videos, the TikToker opened up each of the boxes and revealed the contents to viewers.

In one box, she discovered nail polish, while in another she found lipstick.

While these seemed like the perfect stocking fillers for Harmon, other boxes weren’t so exciting.

In one found she found a keyring which featured the iconic Chanel No.5 bottle, while in another she found a flipbook, which was sure to be a little underwhelming.

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Harmon titled one of the clips featuring the calendar: “When you try to get festive by buying an advent calendar but are left with shattered hopes and dreams.”

While in another she joked: “I’m not sure how I’m supposed to live, laugh, love under this condition but we will prevail.”

Harmon’s clips have accumulated thousands of views on the social media platform, with many people taking to the comments and branding the calendar overpriced.

Elisa Harmon and the Chanel advent calendar.
Elisa Harmon has joked she was ‘left with shattered hopes and dreams’ after spending a whopping $825 on a Chanel advent calendar. Credit: @eliseharmon/TikTok

One person joked: “The Fyre Festival of advent calendars.”

Another viewer questioned: “Why is half the stuff designed for kids? Stickers and keychains for f*** sake.”

A third said: “Chanel did not understand the assignment.”

“My jaw dropped at the flip book how are they getting away with this,” another fumed.

Alongside weeping face emojis, one person suggested: “Put it all back and get a refund.”

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After going viral for her advent calendar videos, Harmon chatted to ARK Media and opened up about her disappointment.

She said: “I assumed because it was Chanel it would live up to my expectations of the brand, which I now see was a foolish assumption.

“I was shocked to find stickers and plastic toys inside but was hopeful it was just an unlucky pick.

“Inside there were a few practical items that I love, but for $825 I was disappointed about the number of items that were reused and recycled freebies from their past promotional events.”

She added: “This experience definitely opened my eyes to the flaws in the luxury industry and that a logo on an item doesn’t always assure its value.”

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