Woman ‘Finds Dad On Sugar Daddy Dating Site’ And Decides To ‘Message’ Him

A woman on TikTok has claimed she 'found her dad' on a sugar daddy dating site she was using and decided to 'message' him. 
Credit: @avalouiiselol/TikTok

A woman on TikTok has claimed she ‘found her dad’ on a sugar daddy dating site she was using and decided to ‘message’ him. 

Ava Louise went viral with the clip which now has over 960,000 views and 110,000 likes. 

She wrote: “When I found my father on the sugar daddy dating site I was using.” 

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The TikToker has been known to ‘fabricate’ stories in the past. Credit: @avalouiselol/TikTok

In the comments section, the young woman said: “He doesn’t answer my texts [so] I thought he might answer me there.”

She later commented that she’d been blocked by her dad and that they ‘haven’t spoken’ since the incident.  

Users were both amused and confused by the video. One asked: “Wait but was he still with your mum?”

Louise responded: “Yeah, I told her and he bought her a Cartier bracelet lol.”

Others questioned why the woman’s father wouldn’t give her some money, writing: “If he don’t spend that money on his OWN daughter,” while another added: “Came on here to say the same.” 

Some followers even said they have shared similar experiences on sugar daddy sites.

One said: “I just found my stepfather’s brother because he favourited me.”

“At least you never actually hooked up with your dad by accident, it happened to my friend once,” claimed another.

@avalouiiselolI messaged him hi dad, he blocked me and we never spoke of it LOL ##SoFiMoneyMoves ##123PandoraME ##TakeTheDayOffChallenge ##fyp♬ Sound from thereal mikehancho – 10Dimes

A third added that she blocked her friend’s dad, writing: “My friend and I used to both do it, and her dad messaged me. I was showing her, she goes ‘that’s my dad block him’ lol.” 

Although many found the video amusing, the TikToker is renowned for fabricating stories specifically for the social media platform. 

In January, Louise apparently admitted to making up a rumour that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorced because of an affair with Jeffree Star. 

At the time of writing, it’s unclear what site the influencer is referring to and she hasn’t commented on the issue since the post.

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