Woman Claims She Was Trapped In Spa Fire Escape NAKED After Mistaking For Sauna Door

A woman claims that she was left trapped in a spa fire escape after she mistook the door for the entrance to the sauna, to get back in she was forced to walk through the street NAKED.

For many people, the thought of being naked in front of another person can be a nerve-wracking thought. Yet imagine having to do it in front of people passing by in the streets. In this unusual situation, Anbara Salam found that she had no choice, as she had accidentally used the spa fire escape door assuming it was the entrance to the sauna.

To cheer people up throughout the lockdown, the Oxford-based writer decided to share her rather embarrassing true story in order to cheer people up.

She wrote: “In these trying times, I’d like to offer, as a palette cleanser, the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

Anbara’s story began explaining that she had been on holiday with an ex-boyfriend in Germany. Although she didn’t speak any German, she thought it would be a nice idea to check out a spa and relax.

She then explained: “It’s swimsuits in the pool but you have to be naked in the sauna.”

After attending the spa, she had planned to meet her partner of the time at a nearby cafe. Beforehand, she got undressed and only took a small-sized towel with her to the sauna – well, that’s where she planned to go anyway.

She recalled: “There are two unmarked doors at the end of the corridor, I take a guess and go through the one on the left. It’s not the door to the sauna. It’s the fire escape.”

Realising her rather large error, Anbara was then mortified to realise that the door had slammed shut behind her. It then dawned on her she was naked, trapped and stuck in the fire escape exit.

As anyone would have, Anbara’s natural reaction was to bang loudly on the door and hope that someone would hear. Unfortunately, nobody did and the situation was becoming direr.

She continued: “Fully crying, I run downstairs, trying to work which part of me I should cover with the lil towel – my face? A single buttock?”

Hoping for a miracle, she tried one last attempt at the fire escape door. Yet it was to no avail as again, nobody heard.

Wandering around the outer building, she managed to find a door on the first floor. For a moment she thought it would all be okay but then she realised it was just a room with machines, there were “electrocution signs everywhere”.

She added: “Friends, there’s nothing quite like running, naked and crying, around an industrial machine room.”

At this point, she noticed a service lift in the corner and then decided she would have to try and get the attention of the staff through the security camera. For several minutes, she pushed buttons and waved manically at the camera.

Eventually, a member of staff found her but Anbara commented that they weren’t very helpful. They acted if this was a situation that had happened before.

She wrote: “Eventually the lift doors open. A spa employee stands there. He is the most dressed man to ever be wearing clothes.

“He has brought NO TOWEL for me. He says something in German, I cry, he sighs, waves for me to follow him. I go after him, still switching around this washcloth.”

Following being found, the member of staff led the poor woman to the reception by exiting the building. Bizarrely, there was no other way back to the spa.

After finishing her story, Anbara said: “I now have an out of body experience.

“A shame blackout. I have reached my max. I go fully through embarrassment and out the other side. Time slows down. I can hear the music of the spheres.

“I stop crying, drop the washcloth, shoulders back, head high, follow him along the street, past people parking their cars, standing in line with their families. People say things, point. I cannot hear them. I am transcendent with shame. Untouchable.

“Reception is BUSY. So busy he has to yell at people to make way so I can get through the crowd. The guy explains (I’m guessing) the situ to the receptionist. This takes actual minutes. An old lady gives me her pool float. It is shaped like a lobster. The claws rest on my boobs.”

To top it all of, Anbara shared the cringe-worthy story with her boyfriend and he moaned that it was more frustrating for him, as he had had to wait around not knowing what was going on – no wonder he’s an ex!

Luckily, her story was worth sharing as many commented that the story was absolutely hilarious and that it was definitely some much-needed lighthearted relief.

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