Woman Claims She’s Drinking Sperm Every Day To Protect Herself Against Coronavirus

A woman claims she’s been drinking sperm every day in order to protect herself from getting the potentially deadly coronavirus. 

Health blogger Tracy Kiss claims that she’s found a bizarre new way of combating COVID-19 – by drinking sperm.

The 32-year-old reckons that by digesting her boyfriend’s sperm on a daily basis by “directly” consuming it or mixing it in with a smoothie, she will see herself safely through the pandemic.

As well as drinking sperm, the personal trainer has been putting the product on her skin and she even dubs it “nature’s multivitamin”. It has now been a part of her healthcare routine for over three years.

Tracy believes it is packed with vitamin C, calcium and magnesium – so is encouraging people to try her unorthodox approach to combatting coronavirus.

Instagram: @tracykissdotcom

The mum of two told SWNS: “The purity of it is just wonderful.

“People are stocking up on pasta, but really it’s about looking at your health and looking at what goes in your body.

“It’s nature’s multivitamin, and it’s there, it’s natural, it’s free. It’s everything you need in one daily dose.”

She added: “It’s a really normal part of my life – it contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.”

Although Tracy from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, feels that she’s reaping the benefits of drinking her partner’s sperm, doctors have slammed her unusual treatment – one doctor even described the method as “extremely worrying”.

Instagram: @tracykissdotcom

Dr Sarah Jarvis told The Sun: “There are hundreds of myths out there about how to protect yourself against Covid-19. Most of them are exactly that – myths.

“The idea of drinking semen doesn’t have the slightest nugget of science behind it and is frankly extremely worrying.

“There is absolutely no benefit to drinking semen from one known ‘donor’ even when you know everything about their sexual history.

“But if you are taking in semen from more than one person, you would run the risk of sexually transmitted infections as well.

“There are clear ways you can protect yourself and they are the messages we are giving out constantly – thorough handwashing, using 60 per cent plus sanitiser gel when soap and water aren’t available and avoiding contact with others as much as possible.

“Please don’t listen to any other nonsense.”

Instagram: @tracykissdotcom

Tracey turned to herbal remedies in 2012 after her industrial silicone breast implants ruptured and caused her to lose her hair.

The healthcare fanatic claims she came across the benefits of sperm by complete chance, there was some excess left on her skin and she said it made her feel soft and firm.

Before she met her boyfriend two years ago (who does not want to be named), she used her best friend’s “product” as a face mask to treat her rosacea.

To tend to her dry skin, she uses the liquid as a biweekly face mask and has discovered that the ingestion resulted in a boost of energy and a much better nights sleep.

She said: “I’ve never known the rush of drinking espresso – instead this makes me more alert and awake.

“It just makes me feel a lot more controlled and present.

“I’m not as forgetful or tired – and it’s a natural anti-depressant!”

Instagram: @tracykissdotcom

To support her immune system, Tracy claims to ingest the natural substance up to five times a week and often consumes it directly from her boyfriend or mixes it into her smoothies. Sometimes, she freezes it in ice cubes so she can drink it another day.

The part-time blogger says she harvests her partner’s sperm every time they meet, which is about five times a week.

Although others are reluctant to try her method, Tracy says she thinks it’s because they struggle to desexualise the substance and are too paranoid about what others think.

“People cannot detach that actually it’s very good for you,” she said.

Instagram: @tracykissdotcom

“We don’t have to be embarrassed about natural remedies, because it’s that embarrassment that puts us off from trying.

“There were times when my family didn’t want to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Now they say that natural is such a good choice to make.”

She added: “The quality of semen can tell a man a lot about his own health because if there’s a dramatic change in taste, texture or volume it can be an indicator of something sinister that a GP should check out.”

On her blog, she often discusses the benefits of drinking sperm and has been praised.

One person wrote: “I wish I was your friend. I would be so proud to think, you thought highly enough of me to want to drink my sperm.”

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