Woman Claims To Be 600-Year-Old Vampire Who Has Tasted Human Blood

A woman claims to be 600-years-old in “vampire years” and has admitted to experiencing the taste of human blood. In order to keep her skin pale and porcelain, she avoids the sun at all costs. 

Lilith Vampyre, also known as the “Dame of Darkness”, claims that she’s been alive for 600 supernatural years and that as a vampire, she has to avoid the sunlight.

The real-life vampire says that throughout the day, she’s just like anybody else – or so it appears. Working a nine to five job in London, she enjoys exploring her alternative lifestyle in her spare time.

Although she doesn’t like the sunlight, the vampire says that she can function throughout the day. Yet she feels truly energised as it begins to turn into night.

Instagram: @lilith_vampyre

In the past, Lilith has admitted to drinking human blood and says that since she was 18 human years old, she’s enjoyed dressing as characters from horror films. In particular, she loves the film version of Dracula.

Apparently, Lilith is 27 human years old and says that it all began when she was a child; she became fascinated by the concept of mythical and mysterious creatures.

As she grew older, she yearned to find others like herself and that’s when she discovered she was not alone and there were actual groups dedicated to being vampires or those who just had a fetish for vampire folk.

Instagram: @lilith_vampyre

When she was 18-years-old, that’s when Lilith truly felt like she became a vampire. So she began to experiment more with this side of herself and that’s when she delved into drinking human blood.

Unlike the vampire you’re probably envisioning, Lilith didn’t use her fangs to bite down on her victim’s neck. Instead, she has been involved in rituals that involve the consent of others from her community.

Lilith has explained that the taste of human blood can vary, although in general, it’s almost like copper and metallic.

Usually, a small cut is made in the skin from a discreet area and then it is drunk. However, Lilith has stressed that it’s more about the act of doing it, rather than how much blood the person will consume.

Instagram: @lilith_vampyre

Despite many associating the act of being a blood-thirsting vampire as something dark and evil, the real-life vampire believes she’s a source of good.

As well as positively impacting her career, Lilith has become empowered by her unusual lifestyle and enjoys sharing her world with her 150,000 Instagram followers.

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