Woman Claims Uber Eats Driver ‘Returned To Her Home’ Months After She Placed Order

Woman Uber Eats Driver

A woman has claimed an Uber Eats driver who previously delivered food to her home showed up months later, despite her not ordering anything. 

TikToker Bobbie Curtis Lee said she left her husband on the porch around midnight as he finished a cup of coffee and woke an hour later to hear him talking to another man. 

In a video posted to the site, she said: “I immediately woke up and texted my husband and was like, ‘What’s going on?’

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The TikToker claimed an Uber Eats driver, who had previously delivered food to her home, then turned up months later. [email protected]/TikTok

He then asked if she’d ordered some food from the delivery service. 

She continued: “He was like, ‘Do you remember that guy who delivered food to us back in August?’ And as soon as he said this, it just immediately triggered something in my head.

“There was a guy who delivered food to us back in August while we were sitting out on our patio. 

“When he came to drop the order off, we had a quick little conversation, and it didn’t seem too out of the ordinary.

“He basically was just saying that he really loved our house, and he liked the area that we were in, and he said that he grew up around here.

“So, just out of being nice, I was conversing with him. But mind you, he’s in his 50s and I’m in my 20s.”

Curtis Lee then claimed it was the same man who showed up at their house at 1am with a Taco Bell order, even though ‘all Taco Bells in her area shut at 9pm’. 

After reporting the incident to Uber Eats, the TikToker bought security cameras and a ring camera to install around her house.

The young woman also claimed to have had stalkers in the past, which is ‘why her own inner alarm system went off’. 

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She said: “I already know what kind of behaviour to look for. This definitely rang a bell.”

Since the video went viral, a spokesperson for Uber has told the Daily Dot that they had looked into the incident, and found that the delivery was meant for a customer ‘a few hundred feet away from the TikTok poster’s house’. 

In a follow-up video, Curtis Lee said the company had been in contact with her, adding: “I’m really, really just hoping that this was a mix-up, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.” 

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