Woman Leaves People Gobsmacked With Her Cleaning ‘Tip’

A woman has left people gobsmacked after she shared her bizarre cleaning ‘tip’. 

A TikToker, who’s known only as Smile Lop, has revealed she has a very unusual method for making sure her fruit and vegetables are fresh and clean.

Absurdly, she’s revealed to her followers that she pops them on a cycle in the dishwasher. Next, she adds vinegar to the detergent compartment.

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This bizarre cleaning method has left people gobsmacked. Credit: TikTok/@smilelop

In the short video she posted to TikTok, she wrote: “TikTok tip!”

In the clip, viewers can see an array of fruit and vegetables placed neatly in the dishwater. Inside, you can see it includes apples, tomatoes, lime, blueberries and avocados.

Although many were impressed by her dedication to ensuring she has clean fruit and vegetables, others weren’t so convinced.

One person commented: “The berries would be everywhere.”

Another added: “Everything would get bruised from the jets.”

While a third user said: “I don’t know, seems like a lot of bacteria.”

Her followers were impressed by her dedication to cleaning. Credit: TikTok/@smilelop

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have gone to extremes to ensure their homes are kept to a high, hygienic standard.

Yet Cathy Moir of CSIRO Agriculture and Food says simply giving a ‘good rinse’ will do just fine.

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She told ABC: “Some people can go to extremes, but I tend to take a more practical approach and recommend a good rinse.

“When you rinse your food, what you are doing is reducing the dose [of certain pathogens] and therefore reducing the risk of becoming ill.”

Alternatively, when heating or cooking food, it’s best to heat the fruit and veg to 75 degrees celsius, as it helps to kill the microorganisms.

However, people also need to consider organic produce too. Many don’t realise that these can also harbour pathogens too.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@smilelop

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