Woman Leaves Husband After Making Grim Discovery On His Computer

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A woman is divorcing her husband after making a grim discovery while ‘snooping’ on his computer. 

The wife took to Reddit to explain that her partner had made her feel uneasy after making an odd comment about her sister’s appearance – so she decided to ‘snoop’ through his phone and PC.

She was ‘shocked’ to find hundreds of images of her bikini-clad sister that he had secretly taken on a family vacation, some of which he admitted to ‘pleasuring himself’ over.

He was also pretending that her sister and her children were his family – and his profile picture in a group chat was all of them together at a Christmas party.

Man browsing computer late at night.
The woman decided to snoop on her husband’s computer and phone after he made strange comments about her sister. Credit: Alamy

The woman wrote: “I stayed up until the wee-hours going through his computer and phone. My husband is a gamer and we have a gaming room.

“He hasn’t changed his passwords and codes since we were dating and while he was sleeping I was up snooping.

“Anyway, I was shocked with what I saw. Yes, my husband is in love or at least has a crush on my sister.

“I’m not the only one he’s complaining to about her weight gain. His best friend knows EVERYTHING.

“He actually sends him pictures of my sister and openly admits that he uses these pictures to pleasure himself some nights.

“He complains that she’s getting fatter. He’s annoyed that she might be pregnant or that she’s just going to ruin her beauty.

“He has also taken pictures of her on our vacations. In bikini. Maybe hundreds. Some of them he has just cropped me out of.”

Silhouette of male hand typing on laptop keyboard at night
A woman took to Reddit to share the disturbing things she found on her husband’s computer. Credit: Alamy

She continued: “I’m shocked and disturbed and very confused. I never pressure him to do anything nice to me but he tells me he loves me every day.

“He kisses and hugs me all the time. He never complains about me or my appearance and although he never compliments my looks, he never complains about them either.

“My sister is very beautiful, and she’s always been beautiful. I’ve learned that I could be other things and I’m fine with it.

“I have many great qualities and I always get compliments for them. That’s why I never reacted to the lack of compliments from my husband. This is just how things have always been for me.”

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However, the woman went on to say that she ‘doesn’t know’ if he loves her and expressed her confusion about him ‘posing her children as his’, as he had always maintained that he never wanted kids.

She also clarified that her sister had no part to play in her husband’s fantasy, saying ‘she would never do that to me’, calling her ‘amazing’.

In concluding her post, the wife said: “I’m divorcing my husband. I have yet to tell him what I’ve read and seen.

“I’m not ashamed that I have snooped around his private matters and I’m not gonna wait and listen to excuses. This is beyond creepy and beyond salvation. it’s so over.”

In an update added to the original post, she said he had confronted her when he realised she had been on his devices, which ended in a grovelling apology and him promising ‘never to bother her again’.

Man sits in front of a blank monitor in dark room
She is now divorcing her husband and has confronted him. Credit: Alamy

She wrote: “My soon-to-be ex-husband called when he saw that I’ve been on his phone and PC. He asked me where I was and when I will be coming home.

“I told him, come on, you know I’m not coming back. He sounded so defeated. He told me he was disgusted with himself and that he was sorry and that he loved me.

“He just wasn’t in love with me and hasn’t been for two years. I told him that I never wanted to see him again and most importantly I never want him to contact my sister.

“He said he would never do that and that he never would have acted on his fantasies. It’s just his ‘escape’ from reality.

“He hasn’t been feeling well and this was his go-to comfort. He’s posing as a richer man, more successful with a beautiful wife and beautiful children and his friends admire him for it.

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“And it gives him the rush he needs to cope with reality. Anyway, he begged me not to tell my sister and especially not her husband and promised to never bother me again.”

She added: “Life goes on.”

In the comments, one person wrote: “Sounds like you have a clear head and you’re still good with your sister and family. Best Wishes. You are going to be okay.”

A second said: “If nothing else y’all not having kids has gotta make divorce less of a hassle. Best of luck.”

A third chimed in: “Good for you! Please make sure to get evidence and screenshots/photos of the weird posts and behaviour before he can delete it.

“That may be good to have for your divorce proceedings.”

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