Woman Dresses Up As Zombie To Sell Clothing Of The Dead

A 40-year-old woman has gone viral on Asian social media due to her unusual strategy at selling second-hand clothing online. 

A Thai woman has gone viral after she revealed that she dresses up as a zombie to sell second-hand clothing through online live streams.

Kanittha Thongnak, from Chon Daen, northern Thailand, has been selling clothes on the streets for around three years. However, following the coronavirus pandemic, she realised that things would drastically change once lockdown went into effect.

Determined to still be making an income for her family, Kanittha decided to try her luck online at selling second-hand clothes – the majority of which belong to the deceased.

Credit: Thairth

Disappointingly, the clothes seller found that she was only getting a handful of viewers watching her live streaming sessions and even fewer sales. Realising that many thought it would be a taboo niche selling dead peoples’ belongings, she came up with a bizarre idea.

Kanittha thought that to engage her audience, she would have to embrace the thing that most people felt uncomfortable about when shopping from her – that they would be purchasing clothes of the dead.

According to Thairth, the idea came to her when she wanted to freshen up in the night and found that she had no running water. Wanting to still look nice, she covered her face in foundation but then found she looked like a ghost. From there onwards, she managed to achieve a disturbing look which would make her live streams much more engaging.

Within just five days of her experiment, Kanittha was delighted to find that she would around 4,000 people watching her live streams at once. As she had so many people watching, she soon found that her sales skyrocketed too. Although she hasn’t disclosed how much she’s making, she has admitted it was even better than before lockdown.

Credit: Thairth

The 40-year-old told local media that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable about her sales methods as it’s helping to put food on her family’s table.

Usually, Kanittha begins her live streams around 10 pm and works up until 3 am – she’s found that these hours fit her creepy vibe.

When Kanittha isn’t dressing up as a zombie to sell second-hand clothing, she can be found visiting her local temple where the clothes of the dead are spiritually cleansed by priests before she then goes on to auction them online. She also helps out the poor in her neighbourhood.

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