Woman Earns £4k A Month By Sneezing For Men On FaceTime

Woman makes money sneezing on FaceTime.
Credit: @officialhollymcguire/Instagram

A woman has revealed that she’s earning £4,000 a month by sneezing on FaceTime for men.

Holly McGuire, a former Page 3 model, told The Sun that one of the most difficult things about the job is ‘sneezing on demand’. 

Opening up about how many clients request she wears a face mask, she said: “Some like the more exotic, elegant coverings whereas others like the basic tissue style because they rip easily.”

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Holly McGuire says people have a fetish with coronavirus, as it is considered ‘taboo’. Credit: @officialhollymcguire/Instagram

She added: “I have a regular who likes to roleplay. I think he is a germaphobe and he likes me to whisper very quietly during the conversations.

“When I do, he brings the phone closer to his face to try and hear me and I pretend to sneeze or cough directly loud at him. 

“It’s pretty hard to sneeze on demand so I try to remember to have a pepper shaker handy for those calls.”

McGuire, who is from Essex but now resides in Spain, has found most of her clients through the site and that’s where she receives the most unusual requests.

Credit: @officialhollymcguire/Instagram

She’s not the only woman raking in cash from bizarre fetishes online.

Emma Martin, from South Carolina, recently revealed she makes £3000 a month from farting on webcam.

When asked about her clientele, Martin said: “It’s a little bit of everybody, you might be surprised.

“A lot of these guys are into it but they can’t tell their wives or their girlfriends that they like it. So it’s kind of like their outlet and everyone has been very nice.”

She added: “I kind of took a break from the farting stuff in 2013, then I got back into it in January this year. When I came everyone was very gracious and so happy to see me back.

“I was like ‘gosh, you guys remember me?’”

How could they forget?!

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