Woman Holds Fake Funeral For Cheating Boyfriend To Make Mistress Think He’s Dead

Woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend's mistress.
Credit: @thealoveridge/TikTok

A woman claims she held a fake funeral for her cheating boyfriend to make his mistress believe he was dead. 

Thea Loveridge revealed in a TikTok video that she discovered her partner was seeing somebody else just after she had given birth to their child. 

Shortly after, he was arrested and sent to jail for assault – which is a whole other story – so the new mum decided to get rid of his ex-lover for good. 

Woman Discovers Partner Is Cheating After Checking ‘Live Photo’

Credit: @thealoveridge/TikTok

In the clip, Thea explains how she shared posts online about how ‘the love of her life’ had tragically passed away to make the prank as legitimate as possible. 

She says: “It’s been three years and she still thinks he’s dead.”

As her followers refused to believe the story was true, Thea then shared a screenshot of the woman’s Facebook posts which show her mourning the fake death. 

One post read: “One month tomorrow you left. You said goodbye to your demons. There was nothing anyone could do.

“This was your peace. If I could have done more I would have, but I know you left knowing I always had your back and always loved you. RIP Scott. Forever my last love.”

@thealoveridgeSince you all thought I should have put my video in the lost my mind section 😅 here you go ##fyp ##irememberwhen ##irememberwhenilostmymind ##babydaddy♬ Gnarls Barkley Crazy Stephen Kramer Glickman – Gustavo Rocque

Many viewers have been left in hysterics at Thea’s elaborate plan. 

One commented: “Imagine she married another man and finds out he’s alive and now she’s conflicted and her relationship is over.”

Another added: “This is pure evil. I absolutely LOVE it.”

However, others couldn’t understand how no one would have informed the woman that the guy actually hadn’t died. 

They questioned: “Not one person that knows both him and her told her that he was in fact not dead?”

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