Woman Falls From Rope Swing And Appears To Defy The Laws Of Physics

A woman appears to have defied the laws of physics when falling from a rope swing, as people can’t get their heads around what happened just seconds before she crashed into a river.

In what looks to be an optical illusion, a video of a young woman has been posted on Instagram in which she leaps from a rope swing and then crashes down below in the river.

However, what has unsettled people is the fact that the woman doesn’t immediately fall in. Instead, she appears to smash into an invisible force field which consequently knocks her off the swing and sends her spinning down into the rushing river.

The clip was shared onto Instagram by a woman who appears to be her sister (@mykashaee) and she captioned the post: “2020 hit me hard like…. Happy Monday, friends! I hope my sister makes y’all laugh as hard as I did watching this – On repeat.”

Since being posted, people have been leaving comments in which they express their disbelief at what they’re witnessing.

One person questioned: “What just happened?”

Whilst another said: “I’m so confused!!”

A third commented: “What the f*** happened?”

For some people, this became a new conspiracy theory in which the woman potentially collided with a portal to another dimension or some type of invisible spacecraft.

However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Apparently, although it hasn’t been confirmed, the thrillseeking woman just so happened to get her leg caught in a piece of the rope which was hanging down from the swing. This lead to her going head first in the river.

You can watch the mind-boggling clip below.

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