Woman Makes £3,000 A Month Farting On Webcam

'This Morning' guest farts for money online.
'This Morning' guest farts for money online. Credit: ITV

A woman has revealed she makes £3,000 a month by farting on webcam.

Emma Martin, from South Carolina, recently appeared on This Morning to chat to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her unusual career. 

The mum-of-two explained that she’s been working online for 20 years – alongside being a travel agent – but took up the ‘farting fetish’ videos back in 2005 after being told she ‘farts very well’. 

You can watch Emma open up about her job in the video below… 

When Schofield asked her how she would describe her clientele, Emma said: “It’s a little bit of everybody, you might be surprised. 

“A lot of these guys are into it but they can’t tell their wives or their girlfriends that they like it. So it’s kind of like their outlet and everyone has been very nice.”

She added: “I kind of took a break from the farting stuff in 2013, then I got back into it in January this year. When I came everyone was very gracious and so happy to see me back. 

“I was like ‘gosh, you guys remember me?’”

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To keep her clients happy, Emma also revealed she’s on a ‘special diet’ to make her farts as windy as possible. 

“I do eat a lot of salads and I love avocados. My favourite when I was pregnant with my son was coleslaw and baked beans mixed together – and I haven’t stopped eating that,” she revealed. 

At this point, Willoughby was unable to hold in her laughter while asking questions, especially when asking if the webcam star could fart on command. 

However, Emma confirmed she can, adding: “You just have to be yourself and let it come through.”

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