Woman Filming TikTok Dance Freezes In Fear When ‘Stalker’ Breaks Into Home

A woman was filming a TikTok video of herself performing a dance routine when midway through filming a “stalker” broke into her apartment. 

A young woman came to face to face with a “stalker” in the “scariest moment” of her life when he broke into her apartment when she was filming a TikTok video.

Hannah Viverette was in her apartment filming a TikTok video when she froze in fear at something initially out of sight of the camera.

On Facebook, the woman wrote: “I heard my second storey balcony door begin to open.

“Startled, I immediately moved towards the door to close it, only to realize there was a man behind the force.”

Hannah recognised the intruder of her apartment, as she had seen him before at the complex in Hagerstown, Maryland.

She had previously brushed off the looks he had given her, despite them making her feel uncomfortable. She assumed he was “just being a creep”.

Ms Viverette said: “It was the moment I came face to face with him at my door that I knew he was there to harm me.

“He kept his hands in the pockets of his hoodie with a smirk on his face.

“He mumbled something in Spanish and then proceeded to take a step in and I heard “friends?”…. “are you sure?”… “

@hrviveretteThat moment when you’re recording yourself dancing and your stalker climbs your second story balcony to break in. ##realshit ##scariestmomentofmylife

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Hannah posted the disturbing moment onto TikTok, in which you can see the terrifying encounter.

The woman questions the man: “Who are you?”

Whilst backing out of her home, she then begs him to “please get out”.

However, the man continued to advance closer, asking: “Am I your friend?”

In response, she said: “No, please get out.”

Fortunately, the woman was able to get a quick snap of the man on her phone. In this, you can see that he’s wearing a bright orange top and is peering through the balcony door, before leaving.

Hannah called 911 when she reached her neighbour’s apartment.

In a statement by Hagerstown Police Department, it was confirmed that the intruder was a 36-year-old man named Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez. He had been arrested on charges of third- and fourth-degree burglary, second-degree assault, stalking and malicious destruction of property.

Until his court date is confirmed, he is released on bail.

Hannah has expressed concern over Rodriguez-Gomez being on bail, especially as he lives in the same area as herself.

In a TikTok video, she showed the actual incident and captioned the post: “the moment you’re recording yourself dancing and your stalker climbs in your second storey balcony to break in”.

The woman then took to Facebook, adding: “If anyone knows ANYTHING about this man or have ever felt/been uncomfortable/harassed, assaulted in ANY way by him, PLEASE SPEAK UP!

“I refuse to live in fear and I refuse to let him continue doing this to me or ANYONE.”

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